ABOUT Mark Goodson

Mark Goodson
Married (Wife Kelly)
Daughter (Taylor)
2 Dogs (Sophie and Piper)
Home (Winter Haven, FL)


I was born October 28, 1976, in Winter Park, FL. No offense to the rest of the Salt Strong Team but I have the most amazing parents. I’m truly blessed that my family instilled the love, dedication, hard work and beauty that it takes to be called an outdoorsman. What amazing and special people!!!

On with the bio…

Our family moved from Florida when I was 5 years old to the great state of Texas.  Growing up in the good ol’ days enabled a kid like myself the opportunity to explore. As long as I got home before the streetlights turned on, I was good. I absolutely loved nature and all it had to offer. As a young kid my parents had me involved in sports and all recreational activities. It seemed like we were everywhere in life, always on the go! While in Texas my dad introduced me to fishing. We lived in a suburb of Houston (Baytown) and had Galveston and the San Jacinto in my backyard. The fishery in Texas is just insane! I cannot begin to tell the stories of the saltwater fishing, crabbing, and catfishing in the creeks. A true paradise for a young kid like myself…… until I got the dreaded news! We are moving to Alexandria, Louisiana!

Louisiana was a difficult transition. It took a while to dig in with both feet before I was off doing the same things. Fortunately for me, I found a great group of friends that enjoyed the outdoors. Just when I thought my life was over, I quickly realized Louisiana was legit! I learned quickly why the state motto is the Sportsman’s Paradise. For brevity’s sake, let’s just say I caught it all! Looking back on life I’ve realized that Louisiana put the competitive nature in my body. From fishing to sports, craw fishing to tree climbing, I had to win or be the best. This place is amazing!!! A true paradise for a young kid like myself…… until I got the dreaded news! We are moving to Lakeland, Florida!

Florida…. like all stops before, was a difficult transition. Having to start from scratch as a teenager was pretty difficult. I dug in with both feet again and met a great group of friends. Outdoor living in Lakeland taught me that expectations had to adjusted quickly. Florida is not Louisiana! I started to really embrace freshwater fishing while remaining competitive in sports. This is where my father really started to teach me the “why” behind angling. I really started to hone my skills and become a more versatile angler. Florida is awesome! Life has progressed! I’ve completed high school and started to ask the many questions in life…. what’s next? I was pretty good in football and baseball; academics were borderline terrible. I embraced my talents in football and decided to play ball in West Virginia…..

West Virginia,….. wow this place is,…. different. Let’s just say I wasn’t ready for West Virginia! After 8 months of college football I begged my parents to let me come home. Graciously, they accepted! I moved to Gainesville and embraced college life close to home. During that timeframe I still hated school, I was broke, living on fraternity house food, and still unfulfilled. I came home during the summerterm and fortunately met the most amazing woman who I now call wife. Now 22 years later we’ve raised our beautiful daughter Taylor and recently nudged her out of the house to experience life. During these 22 years of being surrounded by a house full of women, I needed an escape! Fishing and hunting allowed me to recharge and enjoy the gift of life.

I started to competitively fish with the Lakeland Bassmaster’s and quickly became a top ten angler. That competitive drive was back! I worked my way through the tournament scene and started to meet individuals in the fishing industry. After placing high in several tournaments and new industry contacts, I started obtaining sponsors to fish. Fast forward 10 years… my sponsors multiplied. Last time I checked I had 20 sponsors that relied on me to grow market share for their brands. I loved everything about the fishing industry and prayed that one day I would make it a career. After completing my finance degree at USF, I decided to embark on the retail side of this industry. That retail experience landed me the opportunity I have today.


I’m proud to say that I am Salt Strong! This company is amazing, the staff is amazing, life is amazing! As we embark on new ventures, I can’t wait to see what we at Salt Strong brings to the outdoor community. All I ask is that everyone holds on!!!!


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