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Top 3 Artificial Lure Mistakes That Cause Anglers To Get Skunked

These lure mistakes are really common and cause anglers to get skunked, but the good news is that they're easily fixed if you know what...
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Top 5 Fishing Rod & Reel Cleaning Mistakes (That Can RUIN Your Gear)

Want to make your fishing rods and reels last as long as possible? Don't make these mistakes! Learn how to clean your rod and reel and...
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4 Ways To Retrieve Artificial Crab Lures For More Strikes

Want to catch more fish on artificial crabs? Check out these four ways to retrieve them for sheepshead, black drum, and redfish.
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How Often To Change Out Your Fishing Hooks (And QUIT Missing Fish!)

Want to know how often you should be changing out your hooks? If you keep them on too long, you could risk losing a fish, but if you swap...
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How To Choose The Best Popping Cork (And Lure) For Every Condition

With so many options of popping corks to choose, how do you know which one to use? See the differences and when each style is best here.
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Flambeau Tackle Tray Review (Waterproof AND Rustproof Tackle Tray)

Looking for a new tackle tray? Then you're going to love this waterproof and rustproof tackle tray. See how this tackle tray...
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Best Leader Line For Topwater Lures (Mono vs. Fluoro)

Learn what factors to consider when selecting the leader line for fishing with topwater lures... mono vs. fluoro & strength selection tips.
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How To Balance Your Spinning Gear (And Why It Helps You Catch Fish)

Want to make fishing EASIER? Then you need to have a balanced rod and reel. See how to balance out your setup here, plus learn why...
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Saltwater vs. Freshwater Rods: Can You Use A Freshwater Rod In The Salt?

Can you use your freshwater rods in the salt? See what the difference between these two types of rods are and how to make them last longer.
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Here’s Why You’re Missing Strikes With Inline Hooks (And How To Fix It)

Want to know why you're missing fish with single inline hooks on your topwater lures? Check out these 6 reasons why and how to fix it!
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Topwater Lure Test: Super Spook Jr. vs LIVETARGET Mullet (Round 1)

Which topwater lure catches more fish — the Super Spook Jr. or the LIVETARGET Mullet? See the surprising results in this head to head test.
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NEW TACKLE IS HERE! Salt Strong Tackle Store Update!

New fishing tackle is here! Check out the new fishing rods, reels, lures and more available on our shop. Plus see how you can save 20% on...
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St. Croix Mojo Yak Fishing Rod Review (Pros, Cons, & Specs)

Have you ever used a fishing rod designed specifically for kayak fishing? Check out this review of the St. Croix Mojo Yak with it's short...
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How To Store Soft Plastics To AVOID Them Melting Together

Want to keep your lures from melting together? Lures melting together is really common, but easily preventable if you just store them in...
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How To Save Space On Your Boat Or Kayak (Simple Rod & Reel Tip)

Wish you could bring extra rods and reels on the water? Check out this simple tip to save space while still being prepared for anything.
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