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Ultimate Guide To Choosing Waders For Saltwater Wade Fishing

Looking to get a pair of waders for saltwater fishing? Then you've got to see this! Learn how to choose between brands, price, materials, and...
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3 Tips To Catch Fish With The Power Prawn Rigged Under A Popping Cork

Want to catch more redfish and trout with shrimp lures rigged under popping corks? These three tips can help take you from wondering why...
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How To Catch Bonnethead Sharks On Artificial Shrimp

Want to learn how to catch bonnethead sharks on artificial lures? It's hard, but it can be done! See how we got these sharks into a...
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 3-11-21 [Spring Tackle Talk]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log: 0:01:02 – Retrieval style for different Lures...
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How To Retrieve Shrimp Lures In Shallow Water (To Catch Tons Of Trout)

Want to catch more fish on shrimp lures this spring? Check this out to see where the trout bite is on fire right now and how you can...
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The Secret To Getting Picky Black Drum On The Flats To Eat

Want in on a little secret to get spooky black drum to eat? When they're being targeted all day, even the slightest twitch of your lure can...
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CUSTOM BULL BAY ROD (23 Beta-Testers Needed)

The beta round of our custom Salt Strong Bull Bay rods are in! Get a first glimpse at this slick new rod, as well as how you can get your...
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Penn Slammer III Review: Top Pros & Cons, Who It’s For & More

Looking for a tough new spinning reel? Check out the Penn Slammer III! It's a workhorse of a reel, yet smooth, so it's perfect for...
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Best Saltwater Fishing Chum (For Whitebait, Pinfish, & Greenbacks)

Want to catch an endless supply of baitfish? Check out this new saltwater fishing chum, Blackout Chum, and see it put to the ultimate test.
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Best Fishing Lines: Cross-Brand Analysis Results

This page contains the latest and greatest results of the many line contests we've performed over the years [Insiders Only]
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Is Your Line Causing You To Miss Fish? (Thin vs. Thick Diameter Line)

Here's a big mistake many anglers make: using line that's too thick. Thin diameter braid is strong enough to catch most inshore fish, while...
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One Year, One Paddletail Lure, HUNDREDS Of Snook & Redfish!!

What do you think would happen if you only used a paddletail for an entire year? See how this angler went from getting skunked to catching...
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Introducing The Power Prawn Jr. Jigs (And How To Rig Them)

The Power Prawn Jr. jig bundle is ready for you! See how to rig these lures and where I've been catching the most fish with them here.
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Best Soft Cooler To Keep Your Catch Fresh While Kayak Fishing

Looking for the best way to keep your fish fresh when kayak fishing? Soft sided coolers are light, malleable, and are perfect for...
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How To Catch Sheepshead In Residential Canals (Using Artificial Lures)

Want to see a fun and simple way to catch sheepshead on a tough day? Cruising canals and fishing docks gives you plenty of sheepshead to...
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