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Why Use Barbless Hooks (And How To Make Your Hooks Barbless)

Considering using barbless hooks? There are several advantages of hooks without a barb, including being safer for you and the fish, and...
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Mustad Dry Storage Bag Review: Size, Applications, & Special Features

Looking for a new dry storage bag? Check out this review of the 60L Mustad Dry Bag and see the size, how it works, how it looks, and...
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The Biggest Baitcasting Reel MISTAKE (When Using Braided Line)

Do you use braided line with your baitcasting reels? Check out this tip to avoid this simple mistake that will cost you lots of bird's...
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2021 Saltwater Spinning Reels PREVIEW (New, Updated & Discontinued)

Want to know what new reels are coming in 2021? The manufacturers have been listening to us and next year they're making changes such as...
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Casting Distance Contest: 3000 vs. 1000 Spinning Reel

Do smaller reels help you cast farther? See the surprising results of how a 1000 stacks up against a 3000 in this new experiment.
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The Truth About Topwater Lure Colors (And Whether Or Not Color Matters)

Does the color of your topwater lure actually matter? Can fish tell a difference, or are the fancy colors just to make sales? See the truth.
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Top 3 Fishing Lures To Catch Big Speckled Trout This Fall

Want to catch big trout this fall? These 3 lures are proven to catch trout and cover a variety of conditions. Learn how to rig them and...
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How To Use MirrOlure Twitchbaits To Catch Fall Redfish & Trout

When the water gets colder and the fish get lazier, twitchbaits are great options to get them to eat. Learn the best tactics and spots to...
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Jig Head vs. Weighted Hook: How To Rig Paddletails In Every Condition

What's the best way to rig paddletails? It depends on the conditions. How deep is the water? Are the fish lethargic or aggressive? Are they...
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Cranka Crab Review: Unboxing, Price, And Top Pros & Cons

Have you tried the Cranka Crab lure yet? See my unboxing and initial thoughts on this lure, plus the big reason I belive it will be the...
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Pro Tip For Adding Scent To Your Soft Plastic Lures

This tip will let you catch more fish, save time, AND keep your lures from sticking together when it gets hot. All you have to do is put...
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2 Best Boots For Winter Kayak Fishing (That Keep Your Feet Warm & Dry)

Looking to get new boots for wintertime kayak fishing? Check out these two boots that will keep your feet warm and dry on the water.
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$800 Inshore Spinning Reel (RESULTS ARE IN)

Who pays $800 for an inshore spinning reel? Apparently, I do… Who would have ever thought a 3000 series reel made for catching redfish, speckled...
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This Egg Sinker Mistake Could Cost You Fish

If you want to make sure you don't lose fish, don't choose THIS type of egg sinker. Before you buy egg sinkers, inspect them and make sure...
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Rod & Reel Cleaning Q&A: Top Mistakes & What Products To AVOID

Check this rod and reel cleaning Q&A to keep your gear lasting as long as possible. See what products to avoid, how to store your gear, and...
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