15 Hilarious Ways Your Fishing Partner Annoys You…

By: Joseph Simonds on January 6, 2015
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You probably already know this, but not all fishing partners are created equal…

Some fishing partners are annoying, some fall overboard too much, some drink too much (and fall overboard), some don’t wear deodorant, some smack you with their baits after whipping it out of the mangrove trees, some smell like dead fish, and some flat out just can’t catch fish.

Well I am about to show you 15 hilarious ways that most of your fishing partners have probably annoyed you at one time or another (or vice versa in some cases).

But first, let me pick on myself as a fishing partner so you can see what Luke has to put up with out on the water (also, we have a new video coming soon of me REALLY annoying Luke on a sandbar…stay tuned for that one)

To begin, most (but not all) people that have fished with me would call me a fun guy to fish with.

However, some would call me a bit too loud, perhaps I give too many high-fives, that I only drink Busch Light while fishing, that I am deathly afraid of bringing bananas on board, and finally, the fact I have been known to hide bait fish and shrimp in other people’s pockets.*

* We don’t live bait fish as much as we used to, as Luke discovered some secrets to catching more fish with artificial bait than we were with live bait (that is an entire other story), but back when we did use live bait I would pull the dead bait fish out of the live well and carefully place them in my fishing buddies short pockets when they were fighting a fish. Since they were so focused on catching their fish, they never noticed…usually it wasn’t until later in the day that they started to smell something (especially if I got it in their back pocket), and in one case it made it all the way into the washing machine with a bunch of other clothes, which turned out to be a worse prank that I had intended.

 It’s a Celebration, Fishes!

In terms of celebrations, let’s just say that I celebrate every nice fish I catch just like a soccer player does after scoring a goal.

Oh by the way, have you ever seen this “Trophy fish soccer celebratory goal?”

A must watch before I reveal the 15 fishing personalities (this video is only 25 seconds).


The 15 Hilarious Ways Your Fishing Partner Annoys You…

Have you seen these guys called Dude Perfect before?

I have been following them for about a year, and everything they put out is pretty epic.

Since I love fishing, my favorite video they did was on the different fishing stereotypes, and I laugh every single time I see it.

So even if you have seen this before, I urge you to watch it again to pick out which kind of “fishing stereotype” your fishing partner annoys you with.

After you watch the video, don’t forget to forward this blog to your buddy and simply use the hashtag of the type of fishing partner he or she is.

For instance, if Luke was into kissing fish (which I am certain he is), I would share this blog on my Facebook page, tag Luke (which I will be doing), and simply writing nothing but #thefishkisser

Check out their hilarious video below called “Fishing Stereotypes). And don’t forget to check out #15 that I added in myself below…#bilgepumper

Don’t forget to share on Facebook and tag your fishing partner using the hashtags below.

  1. Its all about the angle #fakeworldrecord
  2. The frat boys #fratboyfisher
  3. Captain hook #captainhook
  4. Mr. No Touchie #pansyfisher
  5. The Overesti-baiter #masterbaiter
  6. The Rage Monster #rodbreaker
  7. Mr. Excuses #fishingexcuses
  8. The Duck Lady #gofeedtheturtles
  9. Catches everything but a fish #shoecatcher
  10. The fish kisser #thefishkisser
  11. The fish hear everything guy #fishwhisperer
  12. The tree magnet #branchmagnet
  13. The line crosser #linecrosser
  14. lucky lure Larry #luckylurelarry
  15. The bilge pump #bilgepumper

What is the Bilge Pump fishing partner you ask?

A bilge pumper is a fishing partner that pees off the side of the boat so often that they might as well have the bladder of a 6-week old infant.

Every time you look back at your fishing partner, they are over in the corner of the boat with a stream flowing so constantly that it looks like a bilge pump shooting out water.

Note: This can apply to both male and female anglers


Just like a Thanksgiving dinner without your crazy relative wouldn’t be the same without them there, the same goes for the annoying person fishing on your boat.

Sometimes they can be flat out annoying, but they can also bring some entertainment on days when the fishing is slow.

Not to mention, they usually make for a good fishing story as well.

Tell us about your annoying fishing partner or buddy below in the comment section.

What do they do on the boat that drives you nuts?

Do they do something that isn’t even listed in the 15 annoying fishing traits above?

We want to hear from you!

And don’t forget to:

  1. SHARE it on Facebook
  2. Tag you fishing buddy
  3. Leave them one of the hashtags above to let them know how much you love them



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Joseph Stinson
4 years ago

You need to add the person who doesn’t know how to tie anything so you have to tie all of their knots and fix tangles in their line

Luke Simonds
5 years ago

Joe, your performance last trip earns a hashtag of #fakeworldrecord with that wimpy snook to posed with… zero elbow bend like a pro! Although I’m pleased to report that I’m certainly no #thefishkisser, I did end up being a #treemagnate this morning when I had a easy shot at a snook near the bank (video of my fail coming out soon)… still bummed about that one.

Luke Simonds
5 years ago
Reply to  Joe Simonds

Here’s my #treemagnet fail earlier today… I at least caught some of its friends – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7i9ARJE6Jc