These Anglers Have Their Custom Fishing Cards, Do You?

By: Joseph Simonds on June 20, 2015
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Do you remember back when you (or perhaps someone you know) used to collect and trade baseball cards?

If you were anything like me, I saved up money every week to go buy a pack of baseball cards. I just couldn’t get enough of them back when I was a kid.

There was just something thrilling about not knowing what would be in that individual pack of cards. Could it be the Ken Griffey, JR rookie card, the Billy or Cal Ripken error cards (anyone trading baseball cards in the 90’s should remember this one), or some limited edition baseball card that was worth hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. The sky was the limit when ripping into one of those baseball card packages.

It was kind of like playing scratch off lottery for kids. You just never knew what you might find inside a pack of baseball cards… and worse case you sometimes got a piece of old gum and a bunch of relief pitchers you had never heard of.

fishing card

Here is the front and back of one of my old baseball cards

The Salt Strong Fishing Card

So this past month, Luke and I decided to recreate some of the baseball card nostalgia by giving all of our Salt Strong members (learn more about the FREE and Paid membership here) the ability to create their very own fishing cards.

Yep, that’s right. Fishing Cards. Big league baby!

Here’s how you can get your very own Fishing Card:

Simply sign up to become a FREE Salt Strong member where you will get to piggy-back on our discounts for popular brands such as Yeti, GoPro, etc. You will also receive automatic discounts on any Salt Strong gear, not to mention be the first to get our fishing tips.

It’s kind of a no-brainer unless you hate fishing or puppies or something… did I mention it’s FREE!

Sign up here now.

fishing cards

Here is my brother Luke’s fishing card

Click Here to see Luke’s Fishing Card in the Salt Strong community.

Here’s how we plan on using these fishing cards (and how you can enjoy them and show them off):

These fishing cards will eventually be set up where you can submit any and all fishing pictures into the internal Salt Strong community (with the exception of saltwater catfish of course), for the entire community to see.

The back of the fishing card will automatically update with your catches, how many likes and shares your fishing pictures get, etc. Eventually, the back of your fishing card will look just like a big leaguer that has had multiple years in the majors. But of course, we won’t mention strikeouts…

However today, these fishing cards will be used exclusively for the inaugural Strong Angler Challenge: Online Redfish Tournament (learn more here) to keep track of how many redfish pictures you submit, how many total redfish spots, and how many social shares (the 3 different ways to win money and fishing gear in the tournament). There isn’t much time left to register (and it only costs $10 for unlimited fishing the entire month of July), so make sure you register here today.

 Example Salt Strong Fishing Card (Front)

(As you can see, mine says “Staff” so I can’t win prizes – yours will have different terms depending on how many fish you have posted. Kind of like baseball cards where some said MVP, Rookie of the Year, Home Run Champ, etc.)

fishing card

Here is my own Salt Strong fishing card. You can put any picture you want on your own fishing card, and you change it as often as you like

 Example Salt Strong Fishing Card (Back)

(You can even customize it with your own bio like I did)

fishing cards

The back of the fishing card automatically updates as you add fishing pictures to your profile. As I mentioned above, it will start out only working for our Strong Angler Redfish Challenge

The Strong Angler Redfish Challenge

fishing card

As I mentioned earlier, the initial use of these “Fishing Cards” will be used to track, reward, and show off your catches in the online Redfish Spot tournament called the “Strong Angler Challenge” (you can register here).

And just like there is a thrill of not knowing what you are going to get in a pack of baseball cards, this online redfish tournament (that lasts the entire month of July for anglers in any place a redfish can be caught from Texas up to North Carolina) will have similar thrills in the sense of knowing every cast you make could be a winner…

Not to mention, the thrill of competition.

We are cutting off the registration at midnight on June 30th, so make sure to register today if you like catching redfish.


Although I am a bit partial, I think these Fishing Cards are going to be a huge hit.

I mean, who wouldn’t want their own fishing card just like pro baseball players get their own baseball card?

And right now, it is completely FREE to get your own Salt Strong Fishing Card. Simply click here to become a FREE Member where you can easily go create your own card.

In the month of July, it will be used more to keep track of the Redfish in the Strong Angler Redfish Challenge (register here).

P.S. – If you think your angler friends would like their own fishing card, please share it with them – I’d really appreciate it


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