21 Of The Most Amazing Fishing GIFs Ever Created.

By: Joseph Simonds on December 7, 2015
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It’s Funny Fishing GIF time!

We’ve seen some amazing fishing GIFs this year at Salt Strong, but they have usually always been standalone (and usually in a social media feed where it is tough to find them again after you watch it).

So I figured, why not put them all in one post!

Here are the best fishing GIFs that I could find on the web. If you know of any other ones that I missed, let me know in the comments.

I tried my best to put them in order of which ones were the most popular, but I am sure some might be out of order.

Enjoy and I bet you can’t get through this without watching most of them more than once!

Finally, please make sure to share with an angler friend if you enjoyed this. Fish On!

Note: All GIFs in this post were embedded from Giphy.com

Funniest Fishing GIFs On The Internet

21. Bill Dance Getting Wet

Bodies in motion holding boat batteries tend to stay in motion…

What good would a funny fishing GIF post be without a Bill Dance blooper!


20. Anchorwoman vs Carp.

This local news anchorwoman probably never imagined that she would end up making nation news with her “Fish Flop” segment, but after almost jumping in the water, this woman it is no surprise that this fishing GIF went viral.

19. The Rogue Russian Wave

The notes from this fishing GIF say it was in Russia, but it almost seems so crazy that it isn’t real.

Either way, we applaud the angler for having the guts to fish up there, and we applaud the cameraman for capturing it on film.

18. Street Fighter Carp Attack

You’ve got to love editing software…

This perfectly timed Street Fighter Carp Attack is priceless.

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17. Man Falls Off Dock

Just when you are starting to get to know a fellow angler, he jumps off the bench to grab his rod and not only leaves you hanging, but leaves you floating in the water!

This is like the old “teeter-totter” trick in elementary school!

16. The Vibrating Fish

I’d say this fish wasn’t ready to come out of the water yet…

I guess that’s what you get for trying to bear hug the fish.

15. Ice Fishing Gone Wrong


That was an expensive lesson in ice fishing.

14. Marlin… Incoming.

Sometimes the marlin runs away from you, and sometimes it comes right back at you…

Check out this green marlin that came flying in the boat! I can only imagine it did some serious damage.

And did you see the one deckhand jump out of the boat! Haha.

13. Angler Jumps On Marlin From Helicopter

This is the extreme angler from “Ultimate Fishing TV” in New Zealand.

He had made our site a few other times (click here to see his recent crayfish video)

12. Dog Fish Fail

What would a fishing fail GIF be without a great dog video!

11. Cat Fish Fail

And don’t leave the cat out.

Talk about the ultimate revenge for a fish on a cat!

10. Bird Steals Fresh Fish

It almost looked like this angler was doing a tutorial on how to clean fish when this bird comes along and swipes the freshly cut fillets right off the ground.

I wonder if this guy ever got his meat back?

9. The Cast Net Pancake Spread Of The Century

This young guy can throw a cast net!

Holy smokes! Apparently it was a 40ft spread!

To watch the full video on this World Record cast net toss, click here

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8. The Carp Slap

Asian Carp have slapped more anglers than any other fish combined.

Check out this awesome carp slap caught on film!

7. Ice Fishing Prank Caught On Film

I bet the retaliation from this ice fishing prank was of epic proportions.

I know that I someone did this to me and put it in a fishing GIF, the payback would be even better.


6. Snook Flop

Nothing worse than catching a slot snook, keeping it alive in the live well all day, and finally making it back to the dock to show it off for a picture and it plops out of your hand into a sliver of a opening in between the boat and the dock…

Talk about saving your last bit of strength for the right moment.

Snook lives another day…

5. Goliath Grouper Tax Man

Check out this Goliath Grouper stealing an easy meal.

These massive fish are ruthless!

4. Cheap Shot Ram

This epic fishing GIF is hilarious.

The look on the guy’s face when he pops out of the water is priceless!

3. Scared Young Angler

I guess this youngster’s parents never taught him about what happens after you catch a fish…

I can only imagine the person filming was cracking up watching this as I know I did seeing it in a fishing GIF.

2. The Dog Catching Fisherman

The second dog to make the top fishing GIF list, but this one ends up in a net!

1. Sea Lion Steals Mahi Mahi!

This hilarious sea lion stealing an angler’s dolphin (aka Mahi) at the dock comes in as our all-time favorite fishing GIF.

The look on the guy’s face is priceless after he realizes he just got punked by a Sea Lion!


Bonus: Cheesy 1980’s Commercial With Fisherman

They don’t make them like this anymore… probably for good reason.

Who knows what they are even selling in this commercial?

Note: All GIFs in this post were embedded from Giphy.com

So which fishing GIF was your favorite?

Did we miss any good ones?

Let us know in the comments.

P.S. – If you think your angler friends would like this, please Tag them or Share this with them. You Rock! Pa-POW!

Fish On!

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