22 Outrageously Funny Fishing Memes That Only Anglers Can Relate To.

By: Joseph Simonds on August 3, 2016
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funny fishing memes

It’s Fishing Meme Time!

Perhaps one good thing about our country’s addiction to social media is that it gives us a handful of uplifting, inspiring and feel-good stories, not to mention some funny stuff like viral posts, videos and of course, memes.

And since most of us enjoy these cleverly-crafted, virally-transmitted comical captioned photos and interesting catchphrase or pieces of media – eventually sharing them into our walls with hashtags and some crazy thoughts, too – we have thought of featuring the coolest and most hilarious internet fishing memes of all time that every angler (like you and me) can relate to.

Here’s something to cheer you up before you head a busy day at work or a fun day in the water before you go fishing:

1. There’s nothing like walking into a Cabellas or Bass Pro Shops as a kid!

funny fishing memes

2. Haters Going To Hate

Is that a snook line with a magic marker?


funny fishing memes

3. Sounds about right…

funny fishing memes

4. I’m Offended!

fishing sign meme

And so do you? True enough, most anglers would surely agree when we say that fishing is an addiction. It’s like our own dose of #VitaminSea that revitalizes us, adds color to our lives, relieves our stresses and takes us back to our senses.

So please, no signs like this.

5. When your favorite lure is in jeopardy…

funny fishing memes

via Pinterest

6. “Inhaler Time!”

funniest fishing memes

7. When someone asks you what needs to be done on a weekend.

funny fishing memes

Do you see any “red” in there? Well, I guess the pie graph explains it all. Pretty simple, right? Hooray to a happy weekend!

8. What really happens when you tell the “wrong” guy?

funny fishing meme

That’s why you’ve really gotta make it a SECRET… or be very, very sorry. In fishing, code of secrecy is damn important, trust no one – especially about your fishing spots.

9. What most anglers feel on a Monday…

funny fishing memes

Wishing that there are no other days aside from Saturday and Sunday. Fish like there’s no tomorrow!

10. Why Did You Leave Me?

funny fishing memes

via respectthefish

No, this couldn’t be. There’s nothing worse than NOT being left behind by your fishing buddies. Oh, please! Could you, at least, reconsider?

11. Haters gonna hate again…

funny fishing memes

Just let them be! Feel free to still post and share your Instagram-worthy photos – after all, it’s OK to be proud of what you’ve accomplished. We all take pride to inspire others to fish.

12. But I really like sunsets…

funniest fishing memes

Had a not-so nice day fishing?

It’s fine.

A picturesque photo of a sunset or the nature is also valuable to share because not being able to catch anything is still not a bad day, right? As they say, a bad day fishing is way better than a good day working. LOL

13. Out sick boss!

funny fishing memes

Via pinimg

Let’s just hope your boss doesn’t require you to present a doctor’s note when you come back. Or you don’t get ‘sunburn’ which will definitely make it harder for you to explain. Good luck, dude.

14. Been there, done that?! Tag a buddy.

funny fishing memes

Just always ready your “alibi-making” skills in case wifey calls, or better yet, put your phone on airplane/flight mode.

And oh by the way, remember NOT to post photos on social media, no ATM (at the moment) posts and remind your fishing buddies NOT to tag you.

Tip: Better always tell her your plans and whereabouts as her instincts never fail.

15. Why beer and fishing are inseparable.

best fishing memes

Drinking a cold beer and fishing go together like sun and moon, time and tide, earth and sky, etc.

That’s it, they all simply go well together. It is as if fishing and beer come in pairs. Cheers!

16. When you meet your instant fishing buddy…

funny fishing memes

via memepile

Fishing not only gives us certain joy and fulfillment but it also lets us win friends who can eventually be one of our BFFs.

Just ask Will Ferrell.

17. That friend…

funny fishing memes

Lesson learned. Not all those who said they like fishing know exactly how to use a baitcasting reel.

So the next time you meet this “kind of guy,” be really, really watchful. Or expect a disaster… or a BIRD’s NEST!

18. Cripes!

funny fishing memes

Don’t worry you’re not the only one. For sure, someone out there was in the same situation once in his life. So the next time you plan to go fishing, always ready your essential saltwater fishing lures and have a blast!

19. Dad Of The Year

funniest fishing memes

via Salt Strong Pinterest

The meme says it all. Think of how Mom would react when she knew that the usual babysitting suddenly turned into an exciting and adventurous father-and-son/daughter bonding experience. Brace yourself!

20. Oh, Nancy!

funny fishing memes

Not only was Ronald Regan a great leader, he was also an excellent angler… and joke teller 

21. Oops, I did it again…

funny fishing memes

I just so love fishing … and thought that investing in my fishing gear is all worth it. And definitely NOT because I simply believe that promises are made to be broken. PEACE, my love?

22. True Friendship

funny fishing memes

via Salt Strong Pinterest

Keep Calm and Fish Strong!

What’s your favorite meme?

Let us know your favorite fishing meme or any that we missed by leaving a comment.

We’d love to hear from you.

Fish On!

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James Wilkinson

Very cute. For me, #8 and #17 I can really relate to. Btw a “TO” is needed between head and a. Your proofreader. Jimbo


I’ve done #19

Jacinda Rose

#6 is definitely me! 🙂