Gene Jensen “The FlukeMaster” Interview

By: Joseph Simonds on March 17, 2015
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If you are in to Bass Fishing, or any kind of fresh water fishing (like catching monster 2 pound Blue Gills), then you’ve got to check out and subscribe to Flukemaster on YouTube.

We have yet to meet to such a “Reel Freshwater Guy” that is out there giving the absolute best bass fishing instruction out there, he is putting out more great content than anyone we know (a new video every day is his goal), he is creating memories for people, and we share a similar goal…

“Teaching the world to catch more fish”

And after having this interview with Gene Jensen (aka Flukemaster), we came away pretty inspired and excited that there are guys like him out there.

Guys whose only mission is to get more people out fishing, that truly want to create new memories and experiences for families, kids, and those that have never fished before, and a guy that wants to leave a legacy of putting smiles on people’s faces.

Well we support you 100% Gene, and we hope to do some big things with you in the future to achieve our common goals of helping the world to catch more fish (and unforgettable experiences)

How to Contact The Flukemaster

The best place to see all of Gene’s amazing videos is to check out and SUBSCRIBE to him on YouTube here:

Make sure to Follow him here on Facebook:

And check out all of his LUNKERS on Instagram here:



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