How to Tie the FG Knot in Under 60 Seconds [Free Cheat Sheet PDF]

By: Luke Simonds on January 24, 2016
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how to tie the FG knot

FG Knot

This post will show you the absolute fastest and easiest way to tie the “FG knot”. And you can even download a free PDF guide too.

The FG knot is a relatively new braid to mono (or fluoro) knot that has proven to be stronger and thinner than all other braid to leader knots we’ve tested.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said the following…

“The FG knot is a strong knot, but it takes too long to tie it..”

Heck, I know I said the exact same thing the very first time I found about it.

But even though I incorrectly thought that the FG knot took too long to tie, I have been a huge fan of the FG knot ever since it shocked me in my first braid to leader knot contest.

Because the FG knot proved to be over 20% stronger than all of my prior favorite braid to leader knots (Double Uni knot, Crazy Alberto knot, and the Albright knot).

And it also happens much thinner than all of the other braid to leader knots because the thicker leader line never doubles over.

But the most common complaint against the FG knot that I’ve heard is that it takes to long to tie…

And I’ll completely agree with that concern if it is being tied the traditional way by manually wrapping the braid around the mono.

However, there is a much faster and better way to tie the FG knot that allows it all to be completed in under 60 seconds (video proof below).

How To Tie The FG Knot [Quickly]

The absolute best and fastest way to tie the FG knot is to thread the leader onto the braid while the braid is under tension.

There are several ways to do this, but the version shown in this post is the fasted method by far that I’ve tested.

In case you’re like me and learn best from videos, here’s a detailed tutorial on how to tie the FG knot that I made last year:

FG Knot Video Directions

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Free FG Knot Guide [PDF]

Click here to get a single page cheat sheet PDF guide showing the core steps of the FG knot so you can always have it on hand if you need it… it’s 100% FREE!

FG Knot Steps [Must Do All 7]

Here is a list describing the essential steps to the FG Knot:

1. Apply Constant Tension On The Braid

The easiest way to do this is to bite down on the end of the braid with your teeth (use back teeth so your orthodontist doesn’t get upset). And then lean the rod away from you so that the gravity on the rod will keep a nice constant tension on the line.

When fishing from a kayak, I often put the tag end of the braid in my mouth and then lightly step on the braid against the kayak so that it creates enough tension to keep the FG coils together.

And if you’re worried about damaging the line by stepping on it, then another option is to wrap it around a toe.

2. Thread the Leader Onto The Braid

After getting tension on the braid, the next step is to thread that leader onto the braid.

And since both hands are free, this step is so much easier than the traditional style of tying the FG knot.

My favorite way to do it is to have one hand on the coils so I can feel them all settle into place while the other hand moves the leader from side to side.

Here are some pictorials showing how this is done:

Note: A full video tutorial of the FG knot is below the pictorial images

fg knot first wrap

FG knot after wraps image

FG knot - wrap 2

fg knot coils close

3. Use Hitch Knots To Lock Braid Coils Together

The braid coils are what holds the two lines together… once they are on the leader, we now need to tie a separate knot to prevent them from unraveling.

My favorite knot for this is the basic hitch knot, which is just the act of creating a loop with the tag end of the braid, and then going around the main line before turning going through the loop.

Then just pull it tight into the braid coils and tie another hitch.

Fg knot with hitch

Note: When in a rush, I’ll tie 4 hitch knots and then skip the optional step of tying more hitch knots above the tag end of the leader.

4. Pull Hard On Main Lines

The braid coils must dig grooves into the outer layer of the leader in order to permanently lock itself into place. So it is VERY important to apply heavy tension to the knot to ensure that the grooves are formed.

Fg knot tension

Important Note: This step needs to be done before cutting the tag end of the leader off… otherwise, the coils may slide off because they typically shift up slightly before forming their grooves.

5. Cut Off Tag End of Leader

Now that the braid coils are locked into place, it’s time to cut off the leader’s tag end.

fg knot leader tag

6. Tie Two More Hitch Knots Above the Leader

The purpose of this step is to create a smoother top of the knot so that the hard edge of the leader’s tag end doesn’t snag onto anything (floated debris, rod guides, etc.).

fg knot final hitch knots

7. Cut Off Tag End of the Braid

All is complete so time to cut off the braid’s tag end and start fishing.

completed fg knot

Free FG Knot Guide [PDF]

Click here to get a single page cheat sheet PDF guide showing these core steps of the FG knot so you can always have it on hand if you need it… it’s 100% FREE!

The FG Knot In Less Than 60 Seconds

As I mentioned above, the most common reason we’ve heard from those who watched the video above in YouTube was that it takes too long to tie.

But the tying was of course done slowly in order to explain the various steps.

So we thought it would be fun to make a video showing me tying the FG Knot without taking the time to walk through each step. And the result was an FG knot in less than 60 seconds… here is the video:

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Learning how to tie the FG knot in under 60 seconds is not difficult… it just requires knowing the quick method explained in this video.

And the most important part to remember is the tightening of the braid coils on the leader before cutting off the leader’s tag because that is what locks the coils in place for good.

Best of all, it will result in a knot that has tested out to be more than 20% stronger than many very popular knots for connecting a braided line to a mono/fluoro leader.

Note: The breaking test results change depending on line types used, so I highly recommend trying it out on your favorite gear and seeing if it has a higher breaking point than whichever knot you’re using to see if it’s worth the switch.

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Evidently the FG knot can’t work with Power Pro’s Super Slick V2 line. When I pull the line and fluorocarbon leader in opposite directions, the leader slides thru the tightened coils instead of digging in. I also tried tying separate half hitches on each leg, like finishing a Bimini Twist, but the leader still pulled out of the knot. Have you tried the FG with that line? Is it likely to work better with monofilament instead of fluorocarbon? or is the line too slick for either material?

Mark Gibbs

Luke, I’m tying this just as you show and pulling very tight. Tying 20 lb PowerPro braid to 20 lb Fluor. At least half are failing within the first two hours of casting. Usually within an hour of casting the tag end of the braid begins to fluff. Shortly after, during a cast the leader and lure just sail out into the marsh grass. Any suggestions? I’ve even tied some of the elaborate “finish” knots with same result. Once the braid tag end begins to frizz up, the coils around the Fluoro loosen and release. I love the way the knot goes through the guides but the failures are frustrating.


Can you use the the fg knot for braid to mono? I use 30 or 40 lb. Braid to a 17 to 20 lb. Leader for fishing for stripers and bass/northern snakeheads. Would this pass your strength test as well as fluorocarbon line?

Floyd Nevseta

Here’s an interesting method to tie the FG without having tension on the main line. What do you think?
(Skip to 4:45 to get to the knot tying)


A very good demonstration for tying the FG knot. I used to use the old method but this new method is way, way simpler.

James Brown

I have managed to successfully tie the FG knot, but have yet to find a device that will consistently make a clean cut in 10 to 15# power pro braided line. I always get cuts with ugly edges with fuzzy whiskers. Has anyone found a reliable device to trim braided line?

Chris Zagers

Wow. I just HAD to try this knot after seeing the instructions. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure I could do it. Will let you know how it goes.

Matt Ewing

I’ve been using this knot for about 2 years with power pro and power pro slick8 and it has worked fantastic. Recently switched to max cuatro on one reel, lost one nice red and have had 3 or 4 failures during cast with jig heads. All seperating at knot. Wondering if it’s the combination. 20 lb braid with 20lb seagur premier.


Correction: Those are grooves, not groves. Two ohs, not one.


I thought of mentioning that, but didn’t want to seem pesky. Glad you did it.

Manny Hevia

Does this knot work a well with a doubled braid loop to mono or Flouro line? I ask since its the bite of the braid that seems to hold it together and perhaps the doubled line digs in less?? Thanks for the great video.

Iain Murray
Iain Murray

Hi all, ive just used this knot to put 30lb mono leader on my 20lb braid and was very easy , normally i fish with bait with a swivel on braid to leader and a free running sinker but also want to use soft bait lures with no sinker and would mean cutting off the swivel and tying leader on when changing between bait and lures is there a way to put a sinker on without having to cut the line each time I want to use bait or livies

Marko Rodriguez

Hi all, Just got nanofil, tieing it successfully to mono using the fg knot. Haven’t tried flouro yet but shouldn’t make much of a difference I hope. Keeping the line tight while tieing the knot is key. Also recommend anyone using the fg knot to finish it with a rizzuto knot.


Think I have it until the hitch knots… I can’t figure out how that works. It just ties a knot a few inches above the coils then the knot is ruined

Don Campbell
Don Campbell

I do open ocean kayak fishing in New Zealand where it can get a bit rough out there at times.
Bouncing around in a narrow kayak often with waves coming over the boat regularly made me think it was impossible to do an FG on the water until I found this video quite some ago.
When soft baiting the wash around off-shore islands bust-offs are quite common so with the practice I get most times out, I am also now doing the less than 60 second FG, something I couldn’t even do at home using the usual method.
The one little change I made was not using the teeth as its hard to keep the head in one place when being tossed about in a small space so I leave the rod in a front holder, tie a quick loop in the end of the braid and then clip it to the kayak in front of me.
A slight bend in the rod keeps the tension on (hands and teeth free) as well as keeping the reel up and clear of water coming over the deck. When I have worked the leader on to the braid I nip off the loop and complete the hitch knots and trimming of tag ends, it could not be easier and the FG knots are strong and consistent.

Thanks guys for a great video, it has certainly changed the way I fish knowing a perfect leader to braid FG knot is less than a minute away, especially when busted of in the middle of some hot action..

Barbara Ridley C/O Ref; 8629941

I’m from the UK & only fly fish but come to the US every year & bring a travel spinning rod & just muck about really from the piers but learning more about sea fishing every year. This year I decided to tie some leader to my braid but was worried I’d muck the FG knot up & loose my tackle. I came across Salt Strongs FG video & couldnt believe how easy it was to follow. I was happy with my first attempt so set off next morning. Caught 4 pompano, 1 was 15 1/2 inches to tail fork & was told it was a good fish from that pier. My knot held firm so just a thank you for helping me out. Im learning so much on the site about fishing lures etc that thinking of fishing the sea at home. I’m from Northumberland & we have great waters. Thanks again, Scotty.


Nice article, but it’s “grooves,” not “groves.” A “grove” is a group of trees.

John Gourvellec

I have never met two finer people with better video description than you.
I want to tie the FG fishing knot but I have no bottom teeth to hold the braided line.
Do you have any other method for me to facilitate or a device that I can purchase that will do same.
Thanks again guys, you’ve been wonderful


Awesome video. This method and your explanation is the best and easiest I have seen. Thank you !


Nice video took me a couple of times but got it. Thanks


Hey great knot, the FG! here in the Midwest we are always tying larger braid line, lead core, or braided ice fishing line to much lighter mono. The FG doesn’t seem to make the braid bite into mono? Any suggestions?

Kevin Lynch

I tie Berkley Nano-Fol 10# test to 8# test Flouralcarbon a lot. Key for me is keeping the Nano-Fil tight while tying and wrapping 25 or more times around the Flouralcarbon. Also, I snug the Nano-Fil wraps tight before and after the half hitches. Lastly, ALWAYS test the knot before trimming the leader as about 20% of the times the leader will slip out of the Nano-Fil. This is a result of me not keeping the main line (Nano-Fil) tight and/or snug. Last thought, all my Nano-Fil loaded freshwater spinning reels have line that is getting older so the “slickness” is probably less than new Nano-Fil. I just love how the knot comes through the rod guides.
Great website with tons of info….even for us Bass & Muskie fisherman. Thank you Luke & saltstrong.

Thanks Luke for introducing me to this solid knot, took me a while to to feel confident in the strength of the knot, wouldn’t use my expensive crank baits with it for ages, lol.! But after catching hard figh ting Pollack at sea and pike in freshwater, sometimes on same leader, it’s now the only knot I use, leader to braid!??

Burk McDuff

Luke…Thanks for introducing us to the FG knot…..BUT, please give it a shot with Berkley Nanofil. I’ve tried it with 17# Nanofil and 20# Sugoi Fluorocarbon at least 10 times and it failed everytime. My guess is that this combination of lines is impossible without some modifications to the procedure. Is the Nanofil too “slick” or the Sugoi too “hard”(or both)???

Patrick Crenshaw

Darn, these short sausage fingers of mine!!!!


I find it is easiest to tie one end off and then lean the rod over (I will frequently loop a hook on and use it as an anchor) that way I can hold the line further away for old eyes and concentrate on the knot. Thanks for the great review of this knot.


how does this knot stack up against the Australian quickie?

Michael Crites

Started using the FG knot a few months ago after seeing the first video, the first few times I tried it I will admit it took a few minutes to get it right but now after having done it for a while now I can consistently do it in under a minute . It is now my go to knot to tie when using braid to mono leader.