L2Fish Paddle Board Review [Top 3 Pros & Cons]


The L2Fish Paddle Board

Today we’re going to be doing a review of the popular L2Fish catamaran paddle board.

To begin, this is a really unique board.

I’ve been using it for the past two years so I’ve got a really good feel for everything this board can do (plus a few small downsides).

For the record, we are not sponsored or affiliated with Livewater Sports (the maker of the L2Fish board), so I’m gonna talk about both the pros and the cons (because we are totally unbiased here at Salt Strong and we always try our best to give fair and balanced reviews).

Finally, if you already own one of these boards (or have used one in the past,) I’d love to hear your experience and thoughts in the comment section down below.

Let’s dig in.

Pros Of The L2Fish

catamaran fishing paddle board
image source: https://www.instagram.com/livewatersports/
  • This paddle board is SUPER stable (to the point you can catch tarpon with two grown adults on the board like our friends Joey Antonelli and Logan Athey did). I’ve even put my skiff platform on the board to get a couple more feet of elevation and it was still incredibly stable.
  • It’s 34-inches wide and almost impossible to flip over with the catamaran style hull
  • No drag in the middle of the board
  • Not much hull slap (compared to other boards that don’t have a catamaran hull) – very important for sight fishing
  • The SUP has tracks up and down each side of the board to easily add in any accessories (YakAttack, etc)
  • Comes in numerous colors and even comes in a 14ft version as well called the Expedition (this L2Fish in the review is a 12-footer)
  • It weighs 50 pounds so it’s light enough to load, launch, and carry by myself (much lighter than my kayak)
  • Can hold 500 pounds of weight (so even with me, my gear, a full cooler, and a dog, this paddleboard still runs smooth)
  • Easy to use for any size person (from kids to super heavy or super tall anglers)
  • It looks awesome and turns heads (I’ve found it’s a great conversation starter)

Cons Of The L2Fish

catamaran fishing paddleboard l2fish
  • The main con is the cost, but then again, you usually get what you pay for… Note: the 12ft version is $2,300 and the 14ft version of this board (The Expedition) is $2600
  • Storage (since it’s a little thicker than most boards – because of the amazing catamaran stability – it takes a little more room to store it)
  • The 14ft version is a little tougher to transport by yourself

Here’s the video review below.

L2Fish Paddle Board Review [VIDEO]

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Did we leave anything out?

What are your thoughts on this board?

Let us know in the comments below.


L2Fish paddleboard

In conclusion, if you don’t like this board, then you probably hate puppies also…

The only real downside is the cost and weight (if you compared it to a super light SUP).

But if you are serious about fishing, if you want a board that can hold all of your gear (plus your cooler and dog), this is the best board we’ve seen on the market.

In fact, we personally own two of them now (Joe just bought a new one for his 40th birthday – in black – it looks awesome).

So what are your thoughts on the L2Fish board?

Let us know in the comments below.

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3 months ago

Is there electric fins for this? That would make mine EPIC!

Paul Maguire
1 year ago

Great review. I love the idea of simplicity. I am new to saltwater fishing and fairly new to kayak fishing. I am 74 years old and have not felt secure enough to stand and sight fish. I think this might be one I could use. I always take way too much stuff on my kayak and with all the extra weight I am worn out by the end of the day just loading and unloading.

Minister Brian Bordley
2 years ago

i loved this board after watching it in a Hawaiian review catching trevally. But for the cost factor decided on the pedal drive Kaku Zula at 12’7″ for $2000. I am thinking of circling back to purchase L2 12′

Live Watersports Hawaii
2 years ago

Contact LiveWatersportsHawaii@gmail.com if ya need a board.

1 year ago

So some time has passed, did you ever get the l2 or l4? I’m between buying the zulu and L2 right now as well and would love to hear your insights

Kelly L MacDonald
2 years ago

I totally love my L2fish! and I personally don’t know why anyone would want a Kayak to fish in! I made a 14′ tortured plywood Kayak and then a 17′ cedar strip canoe for fishing. When my son was 10 we were fishing together (we were very competitive). He would stand in the bow and sight fish. He would beat me and it drove me crazy. (Yes I would let him win as that is what a good Mom should do, LOL) but when I saw the L2fish on TV for the first time I knew I had to have one. I made a smaller version (foam and fiberglass) for my son (10′) and I bought a 12′ for me.

I love being able to stand and silently sneak up on fish! I have made tons of gear for it (front deck with cam lock for easy anchor control, rear deck with mounted Powerpole Micro, gear storage box with bump board measuring top/sight platform, 4 rod holders and plier storage, elevated rod/paddle holder, and some light and inexpensive strap on wheels to make moving it while fully loaded a breeze.

My next project is to make a mount to incorporate a new trolling motor. I love being able to walk around I seldom sit. I can put a ton of gear on it. My son even put a large lawn chair on it and slept in the middle of a creek anchored overnight.

2 years ago

I have had a L2 and currently have a L4. I made a power pole manual bracket which is a game changer . The full length foam deck and tracks let it be modified without drilling. One question is how to move it down stairs with maybe 1 large wheeleez tire? Like a wheel barrel with 1 wheel but it needs to be large. Considering getting a L2 because it’s lighter and go absolutely with the minimum gear. L4 is great but not a fan of gas motors on sups.

Kelly L MacDonald
2 years ago
Reply to  Cbshorre

I just had an idea. Get a long piece of threaded rod (1/2 ” by about 36″), put 1 tire in the middle of the rod (large diameter, plastic, but light weight wheel). Cut 2 pieces of 1.25″ diameter PVC about 12-15″ long. Put end caps on the PVC after drilling holes just big enough for the threaded rod to go through. Put PVC pieces on both sides of the wheel and bolt ends of threaded rod. Using nylon 1″ webbing, make a strap/loop on each end of the PVC axel that can be buckled around each pontoon. The wheel then would be held in the middle of the 2 pontoons and could roll freely. I made a 2 wheeled version of this for about $30. My wheels are on the sides of the boat and the pontoons rest on the axel. My webbing buckles over the top of the front of the board. I lift and push from the back with the boat fully loaded.
Here is an example of similar wheels you can use.comment image

3 years ago

do you ship to Hawaii?

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Check Live Up Hawaii on facebook and instagram. Has an add on craigslist too.

Live Watersports Hawaii
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Check Live Watersports Hawaii. They’re on Facebook and Instagram. Usually have an add on craigslist.
Can email LiveWatersportsHawaii@gmail.com.

3 years ago

I have trouble when I fall off a SUP lifting my body to climb back on. If I attach a small stirrup rope ladder about 3 feet tall to the side of this I could drop the ladder into the water to foot lift myself on a rung to help climb aboard? At 180lbs do you think it would flip over if I just needed a slight boost to lift my body higher onto the board then swing the legs onto the board with the boost of the the rope ladder?

Kelly L MacDonald
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I think that would work great. You could tie your “ladder” off on the carrying rope. I just saw one of those and am going to make one as a safety measure for my boat. I could use it for tying off to a dock too. I use my boat to fish all the time and I have tried to flip it. Haven’t done it yet.

Philip Stoddard
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

A standard technique for re-entering a sea kayak is using an inflatable paddle-float. Lots of YouTube videos. But you can also rig the paddle + paddle-float combo with a webbing sling that makes it really easy.

Alex Risner
3 years ago

I was born with CP I’m loose muscle tone which means my muscle isn’t as strong as they should be (also have a really really bad knee n hips) I tried the kayak thing but that really bother my legs( getting down that low n getting up) n I really couldn’t load/unload it. If I get a high enough cooler to sit on do u think I would have a problem?

Last edited 3 years ago by Alex Risner
3 years ago

I have opened all 3 , the Utility, then the L2 and finally the L4. All were purchased used or as a leftover . I loved the utility but for ocean I felt the rear went low in the water . I’m 210 plus a cooler , soft bag, milk crate and 2 rods. The L2 was a game changer but heavier . I could carry it , but could see in the ocean the 14 would bridge waves better and be faster . I finally made the jump to the L4 , considerably heavier and harder to move . I use a CTug dolly modified and bring it on the water . More stable and fast , I don’t use the 2 skeg fins. The performance out weighs the extra weight but I use a 8 ft truck with a bed extender . I basically use it stock with a side diy fly rod horizontal rack for 2 rods. A diy manual power pole is the best for flats . No plan whatsoever for a motor .

3 years ago
Reply to  Craig

Hey Craig, question for you. I just bought an l2fish and I love it. But man, getting it from the bed of my truck to the water has already done a number on my back. How did you modify the CTug to fit the hulls? Any tips on where to place it/using it? Thanks in advance,


Kelly L MacDonald
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Hey Mike, I have a L2fish and it is a bit heavy for me. 5’6″ 130 lbs. I made some really simple wheels to strap on and move it. I used some PVC with end caps that I drilled a hole through and put a piece of threaded rod through. I then bought 2 15-20″ light wheels from the lawn mower section of a big box home improvement store. Bolted the wheels on the rod. Attached webbing to the PVC and then using the webbing, I buckle the wheels on the front of the board. The wheels are slightly wider than the board. Simple and cheap. Makes it so much easier to move.

jimmy yeamans
3 years ago

I have a bote and am a big guy, so when I try and put my dog or to much stuff on board it starts to lose it’s stability. I always wondered about the L2 as it looks equally fun but more stable…..now what am I going to do? Thanks for the review


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