Owner Twistlock Hook Master Class (For Hook Buyers Only)

By: Joseph Simonds on January 30, 2019
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Welcome to the Owner Twistlock Hooks Master Class!

First and foremost, congrats on claiming your free pack(s) of hooks.

You’ll see all of the videos below (and we’ll be adding more over time so bookmark this page).

Plus, the link below will let you instantly download the Owner PDF Guide you received with your order.

Click here to download the Owner PDF Guide

Here are all of the videos.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below with any specific questions or tips you’d like to see with these hooks.

Owner Hook Detailed Review (When To Use)

How To Rig A Jerk Bait (Plus Underwater Footage)

How To Retrieve Jerk Bait (Plus Underwater Footage)

How To Set The Hook To Maximize Catch Ratio

Bonus Material For Zman Baits

Given how tough the Elaztech material is that Zman makes, there is an important trick that’s needed rig them without getting frustrated.

This trick was a complete game-changer for my use of Zman baits because I previously hated using them since they were so tough to rig.

But the pilot hole trick that you’ll see in the videos below makes the rigging of Zman baits so much easier.

Trick To Rig Z-Man Jerk Bait On Owner TwistLock

 Z-Man Rigging Trick On Owner TwistLock

Any other tips or techniques you want to see?

Let us know in the comments.

We’ll make updates as we get requests.

Thanks again and tight lines!

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Joseph Koziol

Does anyone use glue to keep the baits better secured on the hook?

Anthony Scot McGallicher

This is a steal. Much love and thanks to everyone on the Salt Strong Team!

William Hill

Hooks arrived today, thanks. Ready to go.

Ed Librick

Joe/Luke, hooks arrived today. Can’t wait to hit the water later on this week. Thanks for getting them.