February 15th, 2017

Which Inshore Fish Are You Most Like In Real Life? Find Out Now [QUIZ]

Which one of these inshore fish are you in real life?

Take the fun quiz and find out.

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February 13th, 2017

5 Things Anglers Regret Not Knowing When They First Start Kayak Fishing

Do you want to know some of the biggest mistakes new kayakers wish they had avoided?

Then check out these top five.

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February 12th, 2017

Final Strong Angler Challenge Prize Winners!

Special congrats to the following anglers who won prizes in the final leg of the Strong Angler Challenge series. And thanks to everyone who participated by your catch reports and/or by placing your votes. It was a thrill to watch this catch sharing platform grow. As sad as I am to see that we outgrew

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February 9th, 2017

3 Shortcuts For Catching Spotted Seatrout In Florida

Want to catch more consistent spotted seatrout?

Then check out these three great tips.

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February 7th, 2017

How To Stand Up In A Kayak The Simple Way [VIDEO]

Want to see a quick and easy way to stand up in a kayak?

Then check out this quick video.

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February 2nd, 2017

This Trick Prevents Wind Knots, Line Twists, And Uneven Line On Your Spinning Reel

Want to see a cool trick that prevents wind knots and line tangles due to uneven line on your spool?

Then check out this new video tip from Tony Acevedo.

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February 1st, 2017

Roundabout Boat Free Contest Giveaway! Winner!

Do you want the chance to win one of these Roundabout Boats?

Then click here to enter this free contest giveaway!

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January 30th, 2017

Are You Making One Of These Six Inshore Kayak Fishing Mistakes?

Do you make one of these six mistakes while fishing out of your kayak?

Take the kayak skunk factor analysis tool now!

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January 26th, 2017

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Fishing Kayak (Must Read Before Purchase)

Want to know everything (including to mistakes) when it comes to buying the best fishing kayak?

Then check out this ultimate kayak guide.

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January 16th, 2017

From Getting Skunked To Getting Paid To Fish [VIDEO]

What an amazing story!

Watch as Tony reveals how he went from never catching an inshore fish to getting paid to fish full-time.

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January 15th, 2017

What’s The Proper Drag Tension For A Fishing Reel?

One of the most overlooked factors in fishing that can make or break the day is the drag setting of a reel. I can personally attest to this factor being overlooked by many anglers because I’ve fished for over 30 years and have never once actually tested the true tension of my drag…t has all

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January 5th, 2017

Is This The Coolest Fishing Knife Ever Made? [VIDEO REVIEW]

Want to see a really cool floating fishing knife?

Then check out this knife review.

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January 3rd, 2017

XPLOR Project: The Ultimate In Survival, Fishing, Camping, & Adventure [VIDEO & PODCAST]

Have you heard of this XPLOR Project yet?

Check out the amazing fishing adventure these guys are having!

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January 3rd, 2017

Bucktail vs. Berkley Gulp In Some Of The Most Amazing Underwater Flounder Footage!

Do you want to find out how a white bucktail jig compares to a Berkley Gulp bait when it comes to catching flounder?

Then check out this amazing new video!

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December 29th, 2016

Top 3 Highest Voted Florida Inshore Fishing Guides For 2016 [RESULTS]

Want to know who won the inshore fishing captain poll for Florida?

Then check out the top 3 winners!

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December 28th, 2016

6 Different Types Of Redfish Anglers. Which One Are You?

Want to know the #1 thing holding you back from catching consistent redfish?

Then take the redfish skunk factor analysis survey here now!

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December 21st, 2016

The Best Inshore Fishing Guide In Florida [2016 POLL]

Who’s the best inshore fishing guide in Florida?

Place your vote today!

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December 19th, 2016

The Complete Guide to Catch, Photo, & Release Fishing

Want to know the top five ways that anglers are mishandling fish?

Then check out this ultimate catch and release fishing guide.

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December 14th, 2016

How To Rig A Kayak Grapnel “Grapple” Anchor Like A Pro [VIDEO]

Want to know a cool trick on saving your anchor from getting stuck in the future?

Then check out this grapnel anchor breakaway trick.

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December 13th, 2016

Top 5 Most Popular Game Fish In America [Freshwater & Saltwater]

Do you want to know the most popular game fish in America?

Then check out the top 5 for both freshwater and saltwater fishing!

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December 12th, 2016

Is It Time To Let Fishermen Keep Goliath Grouper Again? [POLL]

Think the state of Florida should open up Goliath Grouper for harvest again?

Leave your vote in this quick poll.

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December 9th, 2016

The Ultimate Inshore Saltwater Mystery Tackle Box Review [12 Months Unboxed]

Ever wonder what you get in a saltwater Mystery Tackle Box?

Then check out this Ultimate review and unboxing!

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December 8th, 2016

Florida Keys Lobster Trip: Salt Strong Highlights [VIDEO]

What a blast!

Check out the highlights of the 2016 Islamorada lobster trip with the Salt Strong family.

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December 7th, 2016

Cool Trick To Stand Up Fish From Your Kayak Without Spooking The Fish [VIDEO]

Do you want to see a really simple trick to make sure you don’t spook a fish while standing up from your kayak?

Then check out this new kayak fishing tip.

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