Sam Root (aka Salty Shores) Interview

By: Joseph Simonds on March 13, 2015
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Sam Root is a Hoot!

We had an absolute blast getting to know Sam (the legendary man behind Salty Shores), getting to hear how he got into the saltwater fishing business (with his 2 MegaPixel camera…rare at the time), and hearing his hilarious story of losing his motor in 10 feet of water.

And Sam is a super busy guy right now (so we really appreciate your time with this Sam).

Sam is hosting the largest saltwater fly-fishing tournament in the world (it was sold out back in October), and it taking place this weekend (March 13-15).

Make sure to check it out here at Salty Fly Tournament.

Otherwise, get to know Sam Root by watching this entertaining interview, and follow him on his social media sites below.

Contact Sam Root of Salty Shores

Make sure to follow Salty Shores on Facebook here:

And check out the largest saltwater fly fishing tournament here:

And follow him and see his amazing pictures on Instagram:

Sam Root = Salt Strong


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