Catching Snook and Redfish from a Paddle Board on a Hidden Lake…

By: Joseph Simonds on January 22, 2015
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Paddle Boarding, Exploring, and Adventure…

I can still vividly remember my first real camping trip (as in not just camping in the back yard)  with my dad and brother on some private forest property near Sebring, Florida.

I was 10 years old, ready for adventure, and super stoked to be spending a couple of nights in the great outdoors with my dad and bro.

After helping my dad pitch the tent and establish our campsite for the next two days, we decided to go out on a hike through the wilderness…

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Joe The Explorer

Even today (25+ years later), I can still recall the small streams we crossed, the bones that we found, and the muddy area that we stumbled upon that has recently been rooted up by wild hogs (and you can be certain that I was on high alert the rest of the day looking for hogs).

But what I also vividly recall is daydreaming about exploring unchartered territory as we hiked around in the woods.

As we hiked, I wondered what it would have been like to be one of the early explorers like Christopher Columbus, Lewis & Clark, or Ponce de Leon.

And I couldn’t help but imagine that I was one of them…and that I was exploring uncharted new territory.

That my dad, my brother, and I were like the early explorers in search of buried treasure, new land, and perhaps even a cool arrowhead or two…

Twenty Years Later…

My wife, my wife’s brother, his wife, and I were approaching the 7,000ft mark…and the view was breathless…

After hiking for the past 30 hours (with a short siesta in our tents the evening before), we were getting close to our summit destination at Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile.

For some reason that day I had extra energy, so I went ahead and led the way up the rocky, mountainous terrain.

After not seeing another sole for the past 8 hours, my mind started drifting into adventure mode…

“I wonder how many other people had ever been on this path. I wonder if there are hidden caves or hidden treasures left by Chilean princes of the past?”

I smile just thinking about it.

And I am willing to bet that if you are anything like me, you probably have had similar thoughts about adventure and exploring new land at some point in a past outdoor adventure.

I can imagine the main reason adventure and exploration seem so exciting is because most of us sadly spend the majority of our lives in front of a computer, in very familiar areas, and rarely discover new things (I know most of my weeks seem like this).

Thats why to me, there is nothing more exhilarating or adventurous than exploring new land (or new water).

That is also why I love fishing so much…

When you are out on the water, it isn’t that tough for you to imagine yourself exploring new waters (unless you are surrounded by hundreds of other boats in a cove drinking beer or something…)

For instance, if you are an offshore angler, when you are out 25 miles or more, you might not come across any other boats at all that afternoon.

If you are an inshore angler, heading back in a maze of mangroves might mean that you don’t see another boat or person all day.

And sometimes you really do get to find new waters that perhaps only a few people have ever seen…

An Amazing Paddle board Adventure

paddle boarding for snook and redfish

My brother Luke makes me jealous quite often when it comes to fishing.

He has a rare gift of being a “fish whisperer” (aka being able to summon fish just about anywhere), and he has a rare form of patience like I have never seen.

He is also incredibly gifted at finding new fishing spots.

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This paddle board adventure video above is just one of his many “hidden” fishing gems that he stumbles across in his quest for adventure and big fish.

And watching him have to get on foot and carry his paddle board across land to this secret salt water lake really makes me want to shut down the computer, throw on a suit and sunscreen, grab my rod, and hit the water…

Ok. I talked myself into it.

Adios I’m off for a paddle board adventure myself…stay tuned.

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5 years ago

omg how do you stay on without falling!! So kool!

Luke Simonds
5 years ago
Reply to  Gina

Thanks for leaving a comment, Gina. I got the paddle board for surfing, so catching small fish on calm water is a breeze after getting used to going out in the waves:)

5 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thanks for a reply!. I myself.. new to paddle boarding. Gonna have to give it a whirl. Keep up the good fishing!