If you like the movie “Old School” & you like Fishing, then you will LOVE this…

By: Joseph Simonds on January 16, 2015
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And we hope that you enjoyed our “Old School” Parody of Will Ferrell singing “Dust in the Wind” at “You’re my boy Blue’s” funeral…

Quick Question for You

What do you consider the most crucial variable (and the most powerful fishing weapon) when it comes to catching more inshore fish such as redfish, trout, and snook?

When I ask this question to fellow weekend warrior inshore anglers, I usually hear things such as:

  • How quickly I can get live bait that day
  • Having the perfect rod, reel, hook, line, lure, etc.
  • Making sure that I have the strongest fishing knot
  • The right tide and water movement
  • The moon phase

Although I do believe that all of the above are of extreme importance, none of them of come close to the importance of finding the fish, aka “Knowing where the fish are hiding”.

You could have the very best knot, the perfect “bait”, and the perfect tide, but if you are blindly fishing in an area with nothing but sheepshead, then it is going to be tough to land a nice inshore fish like a redfish, trout, or snook.

“The Most Powerful Inshore Fishing Weapon I’ve Ever Seen”

After spending hours and hours and hours of time using, tweeking, and testing this FREE tool to find more inshore fish, my brother Luke finally proclaimed, “This is the most powerful inshore fishing weapon I’ve ever seen“.

And I have to agree with him.

In the past (aka the “Old School” fishing days), my brother and I would simply look at tide charts and head out to our handful of treasured fishing spots (sound familiar)…

But after year and years of hitting up practically the same fishing holes, it tends to get a bit old. Not to mention, you end up catching a bunch of the same fish over and over again.

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It was time for us to do some exploring…

Once Luke mastered this “New School Fishing Technology“, things got pretty interesting…

One day we would be pulling the kayaks across natural land bridges that led into small salt water lakes filled with redfish, trout, and snook that probably hadn’t been fished by anyone else in years…

While the next day it would be heading out so far back into the mangroves that we had to mark our spots like true adventures…

It was not only pretty exhilarating to explore backwater that rarely gets seen by most humans, but it is also pretty spectacular when you hook up with nice redfish, trout, and snook along the way.

I won’t ruin the surprise to how Luke finds all of these hidden fishing gems, but I will say that you can see exactly how he does it right for free by clicking here.

You won’t be disappointed.


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AG Fishing

Lol Nice!


Is that a “High Five” jacket ? Great video. I would have paid money to have seen this in person.

Andrew Dubats
Andrew Dubats

Better than Will Ferrell