How A Trump Or Hillary Presidency Impacts Fishing – “The Reel Debate”

By: Joseph Simonds on August 1, 2016
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donald trump fishing

Do you know who you are voting for yet?

Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump? Someone else you want to write in?

Although it doesn’t get much attention in this circus-like election year, we wanted to spend some time figuring out which president-elect would be better for fishing and the outdoors.

Here’s what we dug up on Trump and Hillary when it comes to their views on fishing, hunting, guns, and the conservation of the great outdoors.

 Trump vs. Hillary On Fishing

trump and hillary on fishing

Let’s start with Trump first.

Trump admitted that his sons are trophy hunters — traveling to Zimbabwe to shoot “a variety of animals, including an elephant, a crocodile, a kudu, a civet cat and water buck.”

There are countless pictures of his son’s fishing, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors, and there are numerous quotes of Donald Trump saying he is a huge supporter of fishing and hunting.

But then he also said in an interview with TMZ that he was surprised his son’s like hunting so much…

I guess once you become a politician you are required to talk out of both sides of your mouth…

At any rate, I then found this intriguing interview that Field & Stream did with Donald Trump and his son, Don Jr that gave me a better idea on how Trump views fishing and hunting.

Check out what Field & Stream editor Anthony Licata got out of Trump.

Did you know what Donald Trump is a member of the NRA and has a concealed weapon’s license?

Interview with Donald Trump by FieldandStream

So although Donald doesn’t get the time to get out and fish/hunt like his son, he claims he loves fishing and hunting.

Here is another interview where he discusses land conservation, hunting, and fishing with Petersen’s Hunting.

He’s got some pretty solid answers to the interviewer’s questions.

Click here to watch it now. 

Check out Donald, Jr with one of his many lunkers.

donald trump fishing

Image Source:

Of course, you probably also saw this fishing meme that went all over Facebook.

trump vs hillary on fishing

What will really happen with fishing, hunting, and the conservation of land if Donald Trump becomes president is anyone’s guess, but having either of his sons as Department of Interior and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service would be pretty good for us anglers and hunters.

Here is what Donald Trump Jr. said in his interview with Petersen’s Hunting at the Outdoor Sportsman Group in regards to his love of the outdoors and the 2nd amendment.

I am also a member of Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, a lifetime member of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. And there’s a lot of other smaller organizations in between that I have joined and been a member of throughout the years—from NWTF, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and many others I have been a member of at some stage in my life. I usually maintain my memberships in all of them.

I’m also a Life Member of the NRA, as I also believe very strongly in our Second Amendment rights and in making sure that we preserve those same shooting traditions.

For me, it’s all about easy access, whether it be to hunting, fishing, recreating, or owning firearms. When I watch the liberal left try to eliminate the ease of access for law-abiding Americans—it’s a death by a thousand cuts mentality that I don’t like, so I support all of those organizations that directly or indirectly make accessibility a priority.

So what about Hillary?
hillary clinton fishing

Image source:

In a pretty funny blog about how the 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidates can fish on, the author says that Hillary is a pretty good at fly fishing.

Of course, if you continue reading the blog, you find out that the entire thing is a funny joke.

Here was the picture they had of Trump in the same article. Haha.

donald trump fishing

Donald Trump in “Huge Fish Magazine” by Montana Trout

In all seriousness, Hillary Clinton hasn’t commented much at all about fishing (or hunting).

She has, however, made quite a few comments about conservation of public land, clean water, etc. which all sound positive.

Here was what I could find on her “promises” if she becomes president:

Clinton will:

  • Set a goal of doubling the size of the outdoor economy within 10 years, creating millions of new jobs and up to $700 billion dollars in new annual economic activity;
  • Celebrate the 100thanniversary of our country’s national park system – America’s “best idea” – by establishing an American Parks Trust Fund to scale up and modernize how we protect and enhance our country’s great outdoors;
  • Launch an initiative to restore and revitalize more than 3000 city parks within ten years;
  • Make public lands an engine of our clean energy economy through a ten-fold increase in renewable energy production on public lands and waters within ten years;
  • Expand access to public lands for hunting, fishing, and recreation by making publicly accessible 50% of the public land that is currently inaccessible;
  • Combat our national water challenges, including through a new Water Innovation Lab and a Western Water Partnership.

Hillary also said that cleaning salmon in Alaska was one of the best jobs to prepare her for the White House.

In an interview on Thursday with theSkimm, a daily newsletter that focuses on women aged 22-34, Clinton said, “One of the best jobs I had to prepare me to be president was sliming fish in Alaska.”

Note: Hillary was fired from the job after just one week.

Trump vs. Hillary Ice Fishing Contest!

A joke started to take its round online about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton going ice fishing to win the “race” after being on a deadlocked.

So instead of a massive recount, the two agreed to a week-long ice fishing contest to break the tie. And whoever caught the most number of fish at the end of the week would be the President.

Long story short, Donald won the ice fishing contest.


hiillary trump

In conclusion, both of these candidates certainly have their pros and cons…

I think we can all agree that neither one of them are perfect, yet one of them will be our next president.

And with pollution, gun control, and protecting our land and waterways as such an important topic, I hope we get to hear more from both candidates about how they plan on supporting fishing and the outdoors.

As for now, we can only go off of what is out there, and love him or hate him, Trump looks like he supports fishing and hunting more than Hillary.

What do you think?

Feel free to hit the comment section and let us know your thoughts. But keep the comments family-friendly or your they will be deleted.

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Tommy Parsley
3 years ago

Agree with Mr. Robert. but it is a funny post hehe…

Robert. A Jureit
3 years ago

I hope,that this discussion is mostly a joke. As you guys know, I am a very serious fisherman, in Florida(let keep location a secret) let’s please keep the DC. BS out of our recreational time. The very last thing I would think about while fishing for a huge Redfish, on a beautiful God given day is DC. Crap. Thanks for listening. And since you brought it up, Trump being a life NRA member, is probably the better choice, since we ALL know what Hillary thinks of the NRA. Just saying.