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Aaron Shreve

7th and 9th place in Inshore Saltwater Anglers, 9th place in biggest Redfish (Jacksonville kayak Fishing Classic)

Fort Lauderdale FL

Favorite Locations
Jacksonville FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, The Florida Keys.

Current Vessel
Native Ultimate 12

Aaron Shreve
Fort Lauderdale FL
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Strong Angler
Aaron Shreve

Aaron is an angler originating from Northern Indiana. He started out freshwater fishing, then moved to Florida as a young boy. Now, with over 20 years of freshwater and saltwater experience in Florida, he has fished many charity and club tournaments.  Pushing forward to learn as much as he can about the fish he catches. As well as practicing conservation to preserve the fish for the next generation of anglers. Aaron has fished from both boat and kayak, but prefers the tranquility, ease of use and freedom of a kayak. You can find him out in his Native Ultimate 12, Or fishing from the shore, all over south FL. He is an open book when it comes to fishing and enjoys helping new angler, or the seasoned vet. We all learn from each other within the community. To see Aaron in action, you can visit and subscribe to his YouTube channel (TheFishingfool25).

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale FL
Profession: Survival Raft Technician

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# of

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