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Anthony Watson

I am a loving husband and father of 2 children, my family comes first and foremost. I am a office manager and the leading plumbing company in Bay County. Before working here, I built houses, fished, was a certified auto mechanic, and a Marine. Outside of work and family, I coach high school soccer, travel soccer, and rec soccer. When I am not with family, working, or coaching, I am fishing. My family says I was born to fish. My dad started me fishing when I was two and throwing a cast net when three. Fishing has helped my father, sons, and I bond like no other. The first fish I ever caught was a redfish and has been my passion ever since. I have caught most fish out there, I have three fish left on my fish bucket list which are wahoo, tuna, and snook. We ususally dont get snook in this area and we dont go far enough out for wahoo. I had a tuna online this last september, and a dolphin borrowed it right beside the boat. My son who just graduated from college asked if we could start fishing red fish and trout tournaments, that is how I found this site. I was doing research and reading to better our abilities on targeting redfish, after watching some tutorials and videos uploaded here and seeing the blogs and responses,  I was hooked on Salt Strong. I am waiting the Salt Strong merchandise to arrive so we can start uploading to the online tournaments.

Hometown: Panama City
Profession: Office Manager

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