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Chip Birch

Originally raised in Pennsylvania where dad started me fishing for minnows in a local creek! Added increasingly bigger game [can't get much smaller] in freshwater areas nearby. But my dad's passion and mom's taste was for saltwater fish, so we spent a lot of time at the Jersey shore. [beach area] Never looked back. Loved surf fishing for stripers and bayside Barnegat Light  for flounder. Spent many days fishing and nights were in the car with me in the front seat and dad in the back. Went to North Carolina for college, first studying Marine Science in Wilmington, then to the mountains of Boone for another degree. My first school had a research ship and we travelled over 15K miles doing all kinds of things, but whenever we could we had lines in the water and came up with some amazing catches in crazy places. Moved to Florida after a major life experience brought me into a relationship with Jesus Christ. The need to know more led me to another three year study in Bible and Theology. Kept up the fishing in South Florida, catching snook and other tasty delicacies. Ended up living in Miami first and then seven years in the Keys, with a return move back to Miami to pastor a church and school. While in the Keys, a good friend, who later became a professional fishing guide, shared invaluable knowledge and skills that changed my fishing for the better. We did crazy things and had wild adventures around the islands and Florida Bay, Flamingo, and the glades western regions. Caught everything, too! After twenty six years as senior pastor in Miami, we retired and moved up to Flagler Beach. Just starting to fish the area and learning from friends, family, and a great guide in the area. There seems to be plenty of very shallow canals and bays here, more so than the glades or South Florida backcountry. My flats rig is not a super skinny dipper, so I might take the Kayak info and start a new phase in an old sport. Maybe old dogs can learn a couple of tricks?

Hometown: Flagler Beach
Profession: Retired

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