Chip Bacarisse
Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Chip Bacarisse

I am a self proclaimed fishaholic. My dad started me fishing at a young age. We used to live on the Sagatuck river in Westport, Connecticut and I would catch trout and bluegills. I think I was around 7 or 8. We moved to Atlanta, Ga. and me and our gang would go fish the Yellow river in our neighborhood.  I joined BASS and would read the magazines until there were no more words.  I used to get dropped off at Stone mountain park at one of the lakes and walk the shore fishing. The snakes were terrible, so my dad bought me a canoe.  That was heaven.  I really started getting into bass fishing now.  Then I turned 16 and was able to drive myself where ever I wanted to go.  I started the Bass club in high school and put on some tournaments. My buddies and I use to go to Brown's bridge below Lake Lanier and fish for trout in my 20's. Life moves on, now living in Lake Charles I have awesome fishing here on the Calcasieu river and Big Lake and the Gulf only about 25 miles down the ship channel. I am going to get my Captains license and plan on guiding when I retire. 

Hometown: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Profession: Pipe fitter

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Chip Bacarisse

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Favorite Locations
Big Lake in SW Louisiana.

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21'Kenner Merc 150

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