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Christopher Goguen

I have been an avid angler for as long as I can remember.  I spent most of my youth fishing for rainbow trout, large mouth bass, and anything else I could get to hit my bait or lure.  My father taught me to respect both the fish we released and those we took home to put on the dinner table, and I have passed on that knowledge and respect to my friends and family who fish with me now. i got away from fishing for several years due to the time needed to run and grow your own business.  80 hour weeks are common, but I love my company and what we do, so the time slides by with ease.  But little time was left for hobbies such as fishing. My passion for fishing was reignited a few years ago when a good friend asked me to go fishing with him on his boat.  I now had people I could rely on to step in and run things in my company for a day or 2, so I went.  I had forgotten how much I truly enjoyed being on the water.  And while I always would rather be catching than fishing, just being on the water is an enjoyment in itself.  Everything from work stresses, financial concerns, and the general weight of everyday demands on your time and energies falls away while you are on the water. Last year I bought my first boat that could take on some Massachusetts salt water fishing.  It was used, but in great shape.  I have put that 19' Trophy dual console in the water every chance I can since I bought it last June, and I am steadily gaining more knowledge about the waters of Cape Cod and the fish that reside in them.  Both my daughter Shea and my fiancée Kat fish with me often, and I am truly a lucky man to have such amazing women out on the water with me. I travel quite a bit for work, and I plan to fish as much as possible in Louisiana in the fall, and Florida in the spring.  There are some amazing fish out there, and I look forward to seeing them all face to face!

Hometown: West Yarmouth, MA
Profession: lead craftsman/Owner At Inner Beast Leather

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Christopher Goguen

West Yarmouth, MA

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