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Clayton Lorenz

So I guess there is where I'm supposed to tell you all about me and who I am. Well I'll start with I was born in Pensacola, Fl and raised there by a family that likes to fish. I grew up fishing the Gulf as well as Escambia Bay, Perdido River and Escambia River. In 2000 just before my 19th Birthday I moved to Brevard County, Palm Bay, Fl. I started fishing the Indian River Lagoon, Sebastian Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean, did not have much success fishing around there as I found that most of my Gulf night time fishing tactics did not work so well. So fast forwarding I moved to Sebring, and started fishing the lakes there then in 2014 I moved to the Tampa area. I didn't fish much around here at first as I was always working and hated fighting traffic to go fishing. Well not long ago (June of 2016) I moved to Clearwater and started carrying two or 3 of my favorite rods, my cast net, bucket and tackle with me to and from work between clearwater and Riverview. On my way home from work I normally stop off at the Courtney Campbell causeway and fish around the boat ramp, catching my bait and then moving up under the causeway itself. I have a few different rods and reels as well as artificial baits. Rods: 5' 5" Penn Tuna Stick with Penn 330GTi reel - 60 lb Test Mono, 100 lb Test Fluorocarbon Leader - 6oz Egg Sinker 7'  Penn Fierce II Rod with Penn Fierce II 6000 Series Rod - 25 lb Test Mono - 15 lb Test Fluorocarbon Leader 10' Shakespeare Spinning Rod with Shakespeare Long Cast 8000 Series equiv. - 25 lb Test Mono - 100 lb Steel Leader 7' Berkeley Cherry wood cast Rod with Abu Garcia Ambassador 6601BCX Reel - 20 lb Test Suffix 832 Braid 5' JawBone Rod with Diawa 4000 Series Reel - 14 lb test mono 5' Shakespeare spinning rod with Diawa 3000 Series Reel - 14 lb test mono 6' Berkeley Cast Rod with Browning Bait caster - 10 lb test mono 4' Bait cast net 10' Sun Dolphin Kayak with rod holders

Hometown: Pensacola, Fl
Profession: CLEC Ops for BHN

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