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Orange Grove, Tx
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Coty K.

Fishing is my Church! When I'm on the kayak, it's just me and the man himself. Lots of prayers happen then...though most consist of me praying to catch the next monster! On a serious note, I love chasing reds from my kayak in shallow waters. From there I tend to head a little deeper and pull a few trout and even flounder from drop offs and channels. Surf Fishing is what i do with the family, then ill throw in a little bass fishing with a cousin that is one of the top guides on Lake Falcon. Daily, I've been slowly in the works of making my dreams come true... to support my family by sharing my knowledge of fishing out of a kayak. Along with this, I do my best to TEACH others how to not only become more successful on the water but also to make sure when they leave that they have a whole new outlook on conservation in the outdoors and ultimately realize that it's not all about full limits/huge fish all the time... it goes way beyond the actual fish itself.

Hometown: Orange Grove, Tx
Profession: Well Sight Supervisor

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