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Don Cullen

God has been very good to me in this life.  I have a wonderful wife of 36 years and three great kids. I retired for the first time at age 44 after selling my company. I started a new business but it is seasonal in nature, so I could work 7 months of the year instead of 12. I am now transferring that business to my daughter and will retire for the second time this year (Lord willing) at age 59. I am 65% a fisherman and 35% a hunter. I prefer  catching fish over fishing. I would rather catch more fish regardless of size, rather than a couple of fish that were bigger (I get bored easy). I am not a trophy fisherman though I have caught my fair share and occasionally do target big fish. I prefer saltwater over fresh as I grew up on Long Island but I now live near some of the best freshwater fishing in the US (upstate NY). I love to constantly learn about whatever subject at hand, in particular fishing. I love to take people on my boat (friends, new friends, family) and share the fishing experience with them. Being a good captain is important to me so I always tell them to not bring their own tackle unless they really want to as I will supply everything that they need (except their lunch but sometimes that too).  I usually go out I try to get away to Florida (SW Florida or the Keys) in the winter for an extended stay and trailer my boat (22' Crestliner Bay Boat) 15oo miles each way to do it. When I am not fishing I spend a lot of time working out, traveling, volunteering, coaching track and field or preparing a sermon as I am a teaching elder at my church. I love Jesus Christ, my family, my church family and the United States of America. That's me in a nutshell or two.

Hometown: East Syracuse
Profession: Business Owner

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