Dustin Murray
Lawtey, FL
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Dustin Murray

I fish every chance I get and am constantly learning new things on every trip. I mainly fish out of a kayak.

Hometown: Lawtey, FL
Profession: FL Army National Guard Recruiter

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# of
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Dustin Murray

Lawtey, FL

Favorite Locations
St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Pensacola, Satellite Beach

Current Vessel
Ascend FS12T & Carolina Skiff JVX 16

– BIO –

I have grown up fishing in Florida. Freshwater fishing was my passion until I was introduced to inshore saltwater in 2010. I have come a long way since then and mainly in the last year due following a buddy (Kyle Johnson) on keeping a log of every outing. Once I started doing this I  noticed the tides, pressure, wind, cloud cover, water temp, etc all played a role into my success and failure. I believe on any day and circumstances we can catch fish if we properly plan and that is what keeping a log has allowed me to do. I am always willing to share tips and tricks I have learned and always eager to learn from others.

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