Robert Dillard
Melbourne, Fl.
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Robert Dillard

I have been fishing as long as I can remember. Growing up mainly on the East Coast of S Florida I was always in, on or around water seeking out our abundant marine life. Where I live is unique and a anglers paradise. We have one of the only areas in Florida that has 3 charted ICW,s. Two being mostly salt with inlets to the Atlantic within 40 miles of each other. One being fresh to salt and which flows North all the way to Jacksonville, Fl.  into the Atlantic Ocean as well . The Indian River, Banana River and the St. Johns River. I have probably caught every type of fresh and saltwater fish known to our area for over the last 40 years of my life. This has given me so much knowledge which I hope will someday put me on top with other anglers that share the same love and passion of fishing. I believe in catch and release for the most part. Then when the right fish comes along, I will indulge in some of the finest best tasting fish from anywhere! Florida has  more variety of seafood and speices of fish than anywhere else.  Good luck to all and live SALT STRONG.

Hometown: Melbourne, Fl.
Profession: Human Services

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