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Greg Batchelor
Riverview, Florida
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Greg Batchelor

My wife and I relocated from Ohio to Florida, where I worked 3 more years before retiring 3 years ago.  We were avid Walleye fishermen in Lake Erie.  We Love fishing Tampa Bay, and have had success catching many of the different species of fish in the Bay.  This last year, after learning some techniques from a demo at the fairgrounds, we changed all our rods to braided with flourocarbon leaders.  We also started fishing in the flats.  Up until then we played it safe on the reefs............Jig heads and shrimp were working!  But I was an artificial guy back home.  I started listening to Salt Strong tips and eventually started catching using jig heads and soft plastic.  I even caught a trophy 26" sea trout that way!  My wife and I only go out once a week, during the week and have a ministry called Fillets of Soul, where we give fish away to certain friends that God leads us to, either cooked or bagged.  Purchasing this course will help us catch more fish, so we can be more effective in the kingdom!  Thanks Luke and Joe for turning me on to your course.  More to come.  GREG

Hometown: Riverview, Florida
Profession: Retired

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