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Ina Carr

I am originally from Indonesia but have lived on several continents across 35 cities from Europe, Asia, Australia & North America. Grew up for 10 years in Jakarta, Indonesia and used to go to a tropical island one half hour away via speed boat on the weekend. My fondest memory is going fishing with my Mom, which unfortunate sadly I can't anymore since she has been in a vegetative stage for 4 years due to stroke. We used very archaic method of fishing however, line on a spool. Fast forward a few decades after that, we moved to Florida 2 years ago & lived 5 minutes from both the Gulf & Bay & my passion for fishing has been rekindled again. So took up fishing now with rod & reel for the first time when we moved here, bought & sold 2 boats (keeping a skiff for the Bay) & now an avid kayak fishing semi addict... Watch some of my fun adventure from last year at my YouTube @fishingmamazing.

Hometown: Santa Rosa Beach
Profession: Homeschool Mom

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Ina Carr

Santa Rosa Beach

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