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originally from Boston area fished since I was 10 yrs old, either freshwater bass, pickerel & trout; Saltwater Surf fishing for blues, stripers, & flounder; & deep sea fishing out of Gloucester. moved to Florida in 1991 initially to Tampa then moved to the East Coast, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, & now in Delray Beach. Did most of my fishing from shore & periodic drift boat trips & a couple of times rented a boat at Okeechobee? I rented a small house in Lake Worth for 10 yrs. until it burned down one night & actually melted ALL my fishing equipment not to mention my electronic equipment, had a home theater +++ & foolishly did not have renters insurance sending me into depression & lately @ 68 have gotten the itch to try my hand @ fishing again. I have been watching all the fishing shows on tv & viewing the videos @ SaltStrong & other youtube fishing videos, Boynton I have no access to a boat so AGAIN I'll be fishing from shore Boynton Inlet, Boca inlet etc. Recently bought a Penn Battle II 4000 filled it with 20 lb. power pro braid @ a 7' med action Penn Allegiance 11  rod (it will have to do for now) & bought a few hard & soft baits can't afford to load a tackle box right now but will build slowly. Have used my new outfit at the lake @ Kings Point where I live, some small bass, have gone to Lake Ida (caught some peacock bass) & West Delray Regional Park only a few miles down the rd; but so far have not had much luck & at Boynton inlet have Only caught some sheepshead. I'm hoping to catch some reds, specs, or snook there.                                                                                  Right now, I am saving up to buy an inflatable boat or kayak with a trolling motor to reach the fish for I live in a condo with no room to store a hard shell kayak...

Hometown: Delray Beach
Profession: retired disabled Vietnam veteran

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