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Clute, Texas
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James Tarver

I have fished the Texas Gulf Coast primarily between San Luis Pass and Rockport/Fulton areas.  I use both artificials and live bait depending on the circumstance.  My friends and I have had equal success either wading or from a boat in deeper water. I have enjoyed the articles which have caused me to change several ways of securing the hardware to my lines.  I especially liked the knots and have been using the smell knots on octopus hooks for all of the live bait presentations.  The simple explanation of a straight line hook set caused me to understand why I had lost many fish. Most of the Texans are using the Bait cast reels instead of Spin cast.  Would you please give a demonstration of cleaning a bait cast reel similar to the one for Spin cast reels. Keep up the good work. Thanks, James Tarver

Hometown: Clute, Texas
Profession: Instrument/Electrical/Analyzer Technician

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