Jimmie Causey/Shallotte Marine Fishing Team
Shallotte, North Carolina
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Jimmie Causey/Shallotte Marine Fishing Team

I have grown up on the water ever since I can remember my grandparents and parents would take me out on the boat or down to our dock. That is where we would spend most of our time together. I have a inshore fishing team named after my families business that closed in 2014 after 60+ years in marine sales and service. Shallotte Marine was a landmark in my hometown for many years. Any day that I am not riding the fire truck or ambulance I am out on the water searching for that next big catch!

Hometown: Shallotte, North Carolina
Profession: Firefighter/EMT-Intermediate

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Jimmie Causey/Shallotte Marine Fishing Team

Shallotte, North Carolina

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Southeastern, North Carolina

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18' Polar fiberglass boat with a 115hp four-stroke yamaha

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Shallotte Marine Fishing Team was started in 2015. The team was started because growing up my family owned a marine sales and repair shop in our hometown Shallotte NC. The store closed in 2014 after 60+ years. My family was always on the water when we were not at the store. I was born and raised on the Shallotte River, my grandfather and father would take me out fishing, shrimping, etc since the day I was able to walk. I started this team to carry on my family tradition that my grandparents started long ago when Shallotte Marine opened. Much like salt strong my fishing team is based on family values and teaching kids and grown-ups alike about fishing and how they can do their part in conservation. That is one reason why I was so honored to become a Salt Strong ambassador. Being from North Carolina, I want to bring the Salt Strong name to our area and show people there are companies out there that still believe in family and not just about the profit. The Shallotte Marine Fishing Team is a inshore team that fishes many tournaments around Southeastern, North Carolina. To stay up to date with the team please like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

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