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JJ Genovese

I am interested in learning and I am very persistent on succeeding in what I put my mind to. My major love in life next to of course my wife and kids is fishing. I began at age 4 and haven't thought about quitting anytime... EVER! I have to say that yes I enjoy fishing and being out on the water there is nothing better to me and puta me in my happy place if you will, however I am very serious about it when it is go time. I go with intentions of relaxing and just taking it easy and I can't just do that no matter how hard I try to. I am focused and eager to find the fish and implement my knowledge I have gained over my years to succeed in the species I'm there to find. When I was young around 9 years old I began fishing with a man named John. John is an old school serious angler that in his day was successful in quite a few tournaments for mainly bass fishing but of course is great at all types of fishing and was a guide out of mesquito lagoon for some time. Long story short he instilled a few things in me about fishing and I would have to thank him for everything he taught me. Some of the things he pushed is to be confident in my lure I am throwing to focus on mastering what I chose and how to try different teqniques, colors and variations to figure out what and how the fish want their choice of bait to present. He always said look at the area and think about what the structure could be or look like and where the fish would be waiting to feed. The list goes on but taking the qualities and knowledge I have obtained has made me very successful in my excursions. I am 27 now and I have taken all of this and I want to expand in what I can achieve. I have two little girls 7 and 1 and a wife, I recently graduated in the top area of my class for firefighter/EMT and I want to be successful in life and meet my goals by making something of myself. I have been expanding my skills for my favorite being saltwater fishing because there is nothing like it when I came across this website a couple months ago. I read a little bit and realized these guys are good, the litterateur I saw had me hooked and wanting more so I began checking everything I could find linked to salt strong and I can tell you from really reading, understanding and using these tools they are putting in your box of knowledge is irreplaceable and when put into action correctly I have gained a lot. My first day I landed a few reds and a really nice 24 inch trout in half a day of fishing and gained numerous honey holes and trophy fish since that day. Knowing and understanding things is key when utilizing the things at our fingertips that most don't even realize is available to them. I am a firm believer in the Salt Strong philosophy being that I have not had a truly bad day on the water ever since. I have entered two turnements (spots) and I have gotten 2nd place before learning the incredible things I have in the past few years. I hope to be able to get situated with the fire department enough to get another boat (I fish the kayak now due to needing to pay for school) and enter some turnements so I have the chance at potentially getting somewhere with it. My dream has always been to not be a crazy pro star or anything but to be involved in turnements and things pertaining to what I love and that is anything to do with water, fishing and helping out to do my part for the Eco system and assure its growth for our kids to enjoy whet we have been blessed with to come to know and have a passion for. If I never get that far I am completely satisfied with just getting better and better in perfecting and learning what  I can to make for a better fishing trip because in the end thats what draws me to the water to try. I have been very successful in redfish and trout anytime pretty much but snook... Oh snook lol. I have a vendetta that I need to settle with this fish, I have brought buddies and put them on fish numerous times and I have no problem finding the fish or figuring out what they want to eat but I can not land one single slot size myself! I have been defeated only by snook in my life which kinda gets me wondering why.. I can pretty much count on my last dollar to double if you say red or trout in a bet but would not dare to take the chance on this fish. I want to gain skills all the way around because there is always something to learn if tu keep an open mind and actually pay attention to detail but I refuse to be defeated by this fish when I have put in hours and hours of time just wanting a picture with the amazing machine of a fish that we call snook. So overall I am glad to have come across a site like this and have the opportunity to learn and grow my skills from some real guys that don't mind spreading their years of wisdom and success for the benefit of making guys like us that will take the time to be here now eager to listen and learn for our chance to catch that trophy we all wish to experience.

Hometown: South Daytona
Profession: Firefighter/EMT

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