Jose Acosta
Satellite Beach, FL
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Jose Acosta

I think I started fishing before I learned my abc's. I started fishing for little fish and langostinos in the rivers and creeks of the rain forest in P.R. and as I grew up then to lake reservoirs and later the saltwater experience of the lifetime. The tackle was simple, for the small fish and the langostinos we used to get needle pins and make hooks out of them and for the pole and line we used a fairly strong branch and some string. For the bigger fish we used the Yo-Yo's or some people call them hand reels. For some time after I was in jr. high school that most of my fishing was by spearfishing and later after I joined the military when I was about 27 yrs old that I finally owned my first rod and reel and my life really changed!!!

Hometown: Satellite Beach, FL
Profession: Retired

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