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I joined Salt Strong to gather more info on the sport I love and have lived for over half of my life.  I began guiding in 1975 and I quit guiding in 2000.  At that time I went to work for a major Fly-Fishing manufacturer in the US.  I worked for one of the most famous names in Fly-Fishing and another man whom is world famous for the Rods he built in the US.  I moved to Florida as a promise to my Father shortly before his death stating that I would take care of Mom if anything ever happened to him.  Quite unexpectedly something happened and here I am.  Not trying to change anyone's beliefs or be philosophical on anyone, but I believe that God sent me here not to save my Mom, but to save me.  I know that for once in my life I did an extremely unselfish and good thing.  I left my job in Phoenix in Computers, which I acquired after working for the fly-fishing industry to move here and I have never been happier.  I loved the company I worked for and the owner and his family in the computer industry but this was the right move at the right time.  I now spend my days off (whenever Possible) fly fishing the state of Florida primarily.  I have fished from Austria to Hawaii to Alaska to Honduras and just about everywhere in between.  I ran a school with one of my brothers in Montana teaching people how to row drift boats and how to fish the big tail-waters of the west.     I was a casting instructor for a company called Orvis in Kohler Wisconsin at the American club and I am always eager to learn more, and fish.  For anyone interested I am ready to go provided I have the day off.  I primarily have weekdays off which is great as the pressure on the water is less impacted by others boats. I can be reached at :

Hometown: Titusville
Profession: Retail

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