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Justin Rabon

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Pensacola, FL

Favorite Locations
Anywhere that has water and the possibility of fish. I don't limit myself to a couple specific areas. Very nomadic fisherman.

Current Vessel
Malibu Kayaks Stealth 14

Justin Rabon
Pensacola, FL
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Strong Angler
Justin Rabon

Love saltwater fishing, especially from my kayak. Love being on the water any chance I can get.

Hometown: Pensacola, FL
Profession: Baker

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# of

– BIO –

I have been following Salt Strong since they hosted the first tournament for most redfish spots back in July of 2015. I had been wanting to do some tournaments from my kayak but just didn’t have the knowledge I felt to properly compete just yet in some of the bigger tournaments. But these online tournament were simple and fun. It isn’t overly competitive. But along with the tournaments, Luke and Joe also made posts on fishing tips and other helpful items. Then after a couple of months and a couple of tournaments, Salt Stromg exploded. More and more people were joining. With the creation of a Facebook page to join everyone together, the Salt Strong community essentially became and is a giant fishing family, which is what I love. I started salt water fishing career through a coworker who took me out kayak fishing. We got into a ton of white trout and I was hooked. However since I didn’t have my own kayak yet, I was limited to shore fishing. So for a couple of years, I learned most of my fishing on the Gulf Shores fishing pier in Alabama. There most of the locals are very friendly and helpful. I now have an extended family at that pier that helped raise me in te since of growing my fishing knowledge. Once I moved to Pensacola and finally bought a true fishing kayak, I hardly ever go to the pier and miss my “family”. That is why I am so proud to support Salt Strong because it gives me the same feeling and pride to be a part of something bigger. I am not like some fishermen who remain secretive about where they fish and what they fish with. I want everyone to be able to enjoy this natural resource.

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