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Larry Strickland

Largest Snook = 45"; Largest Redfish = 38"; Largest Trout = 29 1/2" ; Raised 3 great kids ; Married an incredible woman

Tampa, Fl.

Favorite Locations
Anywhere its warm and I'm close to the ocean.

Current Vessel
11'5" kayak "The Toothpick"

Larry Strickland
Tampa, Fl.
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Strong Angler
Larry Strickland

I've been in love with fishing since I was old enough to hold a pole. I grew up in Tampa, Fl. And have always been within 10 min walking distance from the salt. There is nothing better than a good day of fishing unless it's fishing with my family and seeing them get all jacked up when they hook a biggun. Fishing is my life long obsession. I am known to be that guy that never wants to quit and has 50 last casts. High tide or low tide, rain or shine it doesn't matter. If I can get out there safely I'll go. I'm big on conservation. I share Salt Strongs beliefs that fishing is a gift from God and is a precious past time and every effort needs to be taken to preserve it. This is the main reason I joined these guys. My favorite bait is live greenies but I'm proficient with jigs, Zara Spooks, rattle traps and various Mirrolures. I have a small but humble 12ft Carolina Skiff named Lil' Chub. Named after the little creek chubs cause they're tough, live long and go shallow. She gets me where I need to be and I do quite well. I am very excited about becoming part of something bigger than me and passing my knowledge along to keep the love for fishing alive in the hearts and minds of future generations to come. Like Salt Strong says in doing this we ensure the preservation of this God given resource. May your lines stay tight and be blessed with a glorious fight. Fish on!

Hometown: Tampa, Fl.
Profession: Press Mechanic

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