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Pat Ogletree

I started my fishing when I was a kid growing up in Ocala learning from my dad. Starting with pan fish in local lakes and rivers and it grew from there. One day he took me fishing to a local lake to do some trolling with rattle traps and I caught a 7 pound bass, that started a 30 year obsession. Every day after school I was at the lake and every weekend I would get up before my parents and meet my friends at a lake or pond and fish all day. I joined a fishing club for juniors and started fishing tournaments, winning a few hear and there. When I wasn't on the water I was coming up with a game plan for when I got back there, I loved fishing! After a number of years I meet the girl that would become my bride and the fishing was put on the back burner to start a new career and family. I meet someone at my job that started to fish and he invited me to go out to the lake with him, from the first cast I was hooked again. After some time we started to fish local tournaments together and had a lot of fun. I bought my first bass boat and couldn't have been happier. One day, years later, my family and I went camping at Fort Desoto park. We had some inflatable kayaks with us so one morning I decided to go fishing. Not having any saltwater tackle, I was armed with a bait caster meant for throwing worms and a top water Zara Spook. I wasn't even 5 min into fishing and I got a blow up and fish on. I'll never forget that fish, it drug me around for a few minutes before it came to the boat. Before I could get it landed, the line broke, it was a good sized Red probably just over slot. From that moment on I was hooked, after trying to use the bass boat in salt water and realizing how bad of an idea that was (wave over the bow), I sold it and bought a center console boat. I haven't looked back, although I still go freshwater ever now and then, I'm usually in a lagoon or near shore somewhere.  

Hometown: Orlando, Fl
Profession: Warehouse Manager

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