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My name is Bob Orlando - Im retired now at 64 and live in Riverwood Florida.I fish EVERY Day - either in the surf or on a boat... I own a Hewes 2017 Redfisher 18 with 150 - go almost anywhere... fishing for all the standard fare - tarpon, snook, reds, trout, goliath, etc .. I fish with spinning, conventional and Fly rods.. I typically use St croix sticks (7 and 8 ft) and Van Staal reels ...Shimano rods and accurate reels for Goliaths I typically fish charlotte harbor, Myakka river, Peace river, Boca grande including the pass, Pine island, and all associated shoals and canals I have caught my share of snook, reds and tarpon (small and large) and they are the reason I retired in Florida.. I prefer to fish tarpon over all other fish. Snook are incredibly similar to Striped Bass - they stalk bait the same, they attack the same and they fight the same... truly a fun experience ... give me a big snook anyday - with the exception of small tarpon they are my favorite.... Big tarpon are great to watch but much too long to fight at 64... I have NOT landed a small tarpon on fly yet... . on my bucket list Despite having 50 yrs of fishing under my belt - i learn something new almost every day and I often learn from other fisherman I meet. I do NOT fool myself into thinking I know everything about the fish we are stalking - I dont ... Thats my bio    

Hometown: Port Charlotte
Profession: Retired VP of Marketing Honeywell

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