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Robert Ricketts

My name is Robert Ricketts and  I'm a happily married man, raising two wonderful kids, working full time and trying to fish as much as I can. have been fishing since I can remember. As most of you, I have a very intense passion for fishing and I'll never passion let it go. I am blessed to grow up north in Pennsylvania I learned to fish freshwater and learned saltwater fishing cause Florida was a second home to me while growing up! I am a avid inshore fisherman from Central Florida. I love targeting large reds, snook, trout, and nothing can beat a fat fish coming up and slamming my lure! I was taught by my father and grandfather at a young age how to fish. I love targeting large reds, snook, trout, and exploring the waters that we have. I'd say the biggest thing I learned was how to respect the land and the creatures, which you only take what you need and conserve for the future. I love being able to relax on the water and it always put my mind at ease. I love how even on a bad day of fishing you still end up having a great time. I try to break my own personal records every time I go out fishing. I didn’t really put my heart and soul into fishing in till recently. That’s when I started working on fine tuning my fishing skills and I learn from my mistakes and move forward. Recently got a kayak and using kayaks has opened up a whole new world of fishing for me. No longer stranded on shore, I paddle anywhere and everywhere I can and I am always looking for new fish and a new adventure. I want to start fishing tournaments! I strive for excellence in everything I do in my life and strive to become great in my favorite sport, fishing. In my pursuit of becoming a pro fisherman!  I'm a land & Kayak based freshwater and saltwater fisherman who is really consistent with social media. That's why you should consider me for your company. Feel free to contact or follow me on NPS, Facebook (@Rob Ricketts), Instagram (@dunnellon_redfish_slayer), Twitter (@InshoreRob)

Hometown: Dunnellon Florida
Profession: Mini Schnauzer Dog breeder

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