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Viola Id-Valdez Ak-Crystal River FL
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Ron Mahoney

I've fished all over the continental USA, plus a lot in AK where we have a remote cabin on the salt, been going there 20 years now. I lived in S. Florida in the late 50's, wow what a lot of changes since then! Selling our Idaho home and planning to move to Crystal River FL, so we can thaw out after 44 years in the frozen north. Will keep our Alaska cabin and boat (26' Hewes Alaskan) up there, for summer trips. We have fished enough around Crystal River to know it's the place for us---with a boat in the backyard and all those flats plus the Gulf for year around fishing! Looking forward to meeting insiders in that area, we've fished with two great guides in Crystal River, Kyle Messier and Dan Clymer. My best red is my profile photo, 34". Very excited about Salt Strong, what a great site and people that run it!

Hometown: Viola Id-Valdez Ak-Crystal River FL
Profession: Forestry Professor

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