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Richmond VA
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Sam Hightower

I'm just a guy who loves to fish. Finally got to the point I wanted to catch fish with my own flies (flyfishing) so I took a fly tying course at Orvis. Then I wanted to catch a fish on my own fly on a rod I made, so again I took a course and made my own flyrod. Then I made my on split cane flyrod; and now I'm making my own graphite saltwater fishing rods. I had a Hobie Pro-Angler for shallow water fishing, then had a Scout 251LTS and sold it last year and now I'm fishing out of a Hatteras on the Chesapeake Bay. Like I said earlier, a fishing nut. I can't wait until I retire and then I can fish all I want.

Hometown: Richmond VA
Profession: VP Operations Berkshire Hathaway Media Group

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