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Oakton, VA
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Tom Moran

I joined a local bass club when I was 14 and have fished most of the good bass waters between DC and North Carolina.  Eventually had to curtail my fishing a lot when I got married and had a family.  I  have gotten really excited about saltwater inshore fishing the last decade, and have had some limited success for reds near Charleston and the Outer Banks of NC, flounder & trout here or there and the staple of the Chesapeake Bay area, rockfish (a.k.a. striped bass).   A friend recently retired to the Lockwood Folly River near Wilmington NC, and this is going to become an annual stop. However, my gear IQ is badly outdated (I just started using braid in 2016) and I could really use improved strategies on where to find reds, trout or other prized quarry.  I cast well and am confident in my ability to trigger strikes if I can find fish, but finding the fish under varying conditions is quite the challenge for me given my lack of extensive salt water experience. I usually fish saltwater out of my Carolina Skiff J16, but also have a Mohawk Solo 13 canoe I use on occasion in tidal creeks and marshes.  I'm 59 now and while fit, fishing all day out of a canoe takes its toll on the body, so time on the water greatly impacts my boat choice.  And while I fish almost exclusively with spinning gear, I can throw a fly once in a while too.

Hometown: Oakton, VA
Profession: Finance/accounting

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