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Tyson Young

14th place Saltwater Survival Series 14 May 2016

Savannah, Ga

Favorite Locations
Paddling through the TX marshes

Current Vessel
14" Pescador, 2001 Edgewater 155CC

Tyson Young
Savannah, Ga
Profile Photo
Strong Angler
Tyson Young

I was born and raised in the Houston, Tx area. I started fishing with my Papa at a very young age. Life was fairly normal until I joined the Army at 25. I served eight years in the active duty Army. I got to travel a ton and had a pretty decent time overall. Upon my return to Texas, my love found its way back to the saltwater. I've been fishing the marshes for a solid year and a half now, and loving every minute of it. Very soon my life will take another turn for the better. My family will be relocating to Savannah, Ga., where I hope to be able to make my name known and get to kayak guiding. Becoming a Salt Strong Ambassador is the first step down a long road ahead. I am very excited to represent a great company, run by two awesome guys.

Hometown: Savannah, Ga

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