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William McClellan

I have been Beach fishing in the Galveston Texas area for 2 years. Relatively new to the sport and I am addicted. Every chance I get I try to end up on a beach for the weekend. First saltwater fish I caught was a 44" Redfish. From that point on it has been a wild ride. I practice catch and release with the exception of what I keep for my personal use. So far to date I have landed somewhere in the neighborhood of 21 Redfish with the biggest being 47 1/4 inches, about 24 Gafftops and 6 Flounder. My best fish has been the shark. I was wade fishing for trout when I got a hit I started to real it in and it began to pull drag. I had a cheap pole from Walmart with a cheap spin cast reel. I new it was not to big as I only had some 10 lb. test mono on it. Five minutes later I had it my little 12 inch shark. At first it scared the hell out of me as I was waist deep in water and I figured if baby was this close maybe momma was not to far behind. One of my friends showed me how to get the hook out without hardly any effort or damage to the fish. That was my first experience with catch and release. Don't know who was more nervous me or the little shark. Well that is it I am now addicted. I head out that week and go to my local Bass Pro Shop and get my first reel and pole that cost over 25 dollars. Picked up a Penn 6/0 Senator. Loaded it down with 60 lb mono. On the way home I came around the turn before the house and noticed someone had thrown out a fishing pole. I got out to check it out and there was a big spinning reel made by Penn. Did not have a handle on it. Took it home cleaned it up to me it was fine but I took it to a friends house and he checked it out. Well next thing I do after getting a good report on it was to go on computer and find a handle. Well for 19.00 and a little oil I got a second reel. The pole was in bad shape so I bought a new one. Went to Bolivar Peninsula that weekend had a few hits on it but landed nothing. Following weekend I kayak my bait out about 300 yards and drop it. As the day progresses nothing is touching it. The Senator has caught a couple of small redfish and a Gafftop. I was just about to reel in the Spinning reel when the pole bent and the fight was on. Whatever it was took another 150 yards of line out before slowing down. Too make a long story short 1 hour later I had my first reel shark on the beach. It was a bull shark and it was just a hair under 4 foot. Since then I have acquired another Penn Reel a Squall 2 speed 50 wide and to date have caught 4 more Bull Sharks and 5 Black Tips.

Hometown: Porter,TX
Profession: Machinist

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