Bill Milam
Steinhatchee, Florida
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Bill Milam

I grew up in Steinhatchee, working with my dad in commercial fishing on weekends and holidays and anytime school was out.  I spent many many days on the Gulf but very rarely used a hook - it was all nets or traps, all the time.  I have awesome memories of that time and I wouldn't trade my youth for anything, but I believe I did miss out on learning more about sports fishing in the area.  I moved away from this area of Florida as an adult, chasing a career, but now I am back and I am making up for lost time now, especially with Salt Strong. As I near retirement I am making big plans and enacting them to spend us much time as possible on the water chasing the fins and tails.  I am blessed to have married a beautiful, phenomenal lady that enjoys it nearly as much as I do so I get all the support a person could want to pursue this passion, together with my soulmate.

Hometown: Steinhatchee, Florida
Profession: Software Engineer

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