Here Is The Official Salt Strong Music Video:”Fishing In Our Soul”


Are you Salt Strong?

I guess I should start off by telling you what makes a person Salt Strong…

But let me first warn you, just because you take a trip to the beach once a year doesn’t mean you are Salt Strong…

So what is Salt Strong?

  • Salt Strong stands for Family, Freedom, & Fishing…
  • Where the love and passion for being on or near the water with a fishing rod in your hand is enough to make you forget about everything else going on in your life…
  • When you feel more at home on a boat, kayak, paddleboard than you do a car…
  • When you still get goosebumps going over a bridge and seeing saltwater on either side of you…
  • When your ears perk up every time you hear someone telling a fishing story…
  • When you dream about leaving your job to go fishing…
  • And when you know that you have “Fishing in your Soul…”

That’s when you know you are Salt Strong.

And if you believe this describes you, then please do the following 2 things (watch the video and get 2 FREE Salt Strong decals):

1. Watch the Fishing In Your Soul music video.

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2. Claim your 2 FREE Salt Strong Pro-Vinyl Waterproof Decals

Use these decals to let the world know that you are Salt Strong.

All we ask is that you simply pay the shipping and handling.

Click here now to claim your FREE Salt Strong decals today.

We can’t wait to see you displaying your Salt Strong decals on the waterways and roadways very soon!

And we hope you enjoyed the “Fishing In Our Soul” music video.

The lyrics to this amazing fishing song were originally written by Capt. John Gunter of Off the Hook Charters (see his fishing charter website here), and the amazing videography was done by Patrick Rhea of LivitFilms and Nick Shirghio of Nick Shirghio Photography.

The entire video was filmed in and around the Boca Grande and Little Gasparilla Island area in record time (a day and a half to film an entire music video).

Note: 100% of the fish shown in the video were caught on artificial lures using the strategies/techniques that are taught in our private Inshore Slammer course.

We hope you enjoyed watching the video as much as we did filming it.

Big thanks to Sara Michaels at 97 Country for helping put all of this together. You rock girl!

P.S. – If you think your friends would like this, please Tag them or Share this with them. It would mean a lot to me. Pa-POW! Fish On!

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John Freemam
4 years ago

Wow how time flies.

4 years ago

my old man is a musician and he is always coming up with songs that make me feel good.. just like this one.. grandpas fishing stories and spending time on and in the water of the gulf of mexico catching or shooting fish with a spear gun are some of the best memories I have.. thank you for putting it into song… I loved it

Jonathan Yonkers
4 years ago

Right on a life in a song,

Hazel Singletary
3 years ago

I enjoyed the song very much, I grew up on Gasparilla Island, town Boca Grande, back in the 30’s to 50’s, fished the phosphate docks, in my Dads boat and on the beach, still love to fish whenever I get the chance,, the old trussel that you filmed some of the song on, I walked a few times when we missed the ferry or the taxi boat, I still go to Boca as often as I can.

3 years ago

How awesome that you grew up on Gasparilla Island! So glad to see that you enjoyed the video. Fish On!

3 years ago

Wish my grandad was still here to hear that song, bought me my first rod when I was four, took me fishing that afternoon and caught my first trout, which, although over the legal limit was “too small to kill”, I’m now in Australia taking my grandkids fishing and making them put fish back. Fishing really does teach you values. How do I post a picture, I’m technologically challenged!

3 years ago
Reply to  Howard

Thanks for making time to leave this nice comment. Keep up the great work in taking your grandkids fishing.

We set up a separate site for posting pics that enables members to share catches with one another. Here’s a link to it:

Tom M. St.Paul, MN
3 years ago

Just what I needed sitting here at 5-10 degrees!! Went to Florida first time last year, got a Sea Trout and a Ladyfish, gotta go back there and spend some time. Maybe move there?

3 years ago

Stay warm up there Tom. Hope you can make it down again sometime soon… we’ll be sure to save some fish for you.

Jack E.
2 years ago

What a great fishing spot!

2 years ago

Awesome song

Cesar Gonzalez
2 years ago

Thanks for Decal Requested for re putting back after boat is ready again

Kenneth ThomasK
2 years ago

First off, I read the entire open letter to PETA !!!!
Reminds me of the movie Rocy when he fought Apollo creed, first and second fight. Apollo was confident and had a big mouth and opinion of himself. Yet who won ? That’s right Rocky because he went the distance. Your fishermen’s ROCKY !!
Second; I fully enjoyed the video and song and will download it or buy it. I have a question Salt Strong , is that only about fishing salt water? You mention red fish, snook , flounder , and if i remember trout.
We don’t get to travel . we fish fresh water in Illinois, Wisconsin, possible Minnesota. We LOVE fishing , it’s in our blood. But we fish for fresh water fish and LARGE MOUTH BASS being number 1. Oh in short , my wife join me up with north american fisherman club ( LIFETIME Membership) i received one season of fishing magazine’s then they just Dumped all their thousands of members without a word. Phone number would not work. It was all over the internet! And i wanted so seriously to believe. The organization BASS wants us to join but after our experience with north american fishing club we stop believing.
Your truly

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