Saltwater Catfish: The Worst Fish Ever OR Amazing Tarpon And Cobia Bait?

Most anglers absolutely hate catching saltwater catfish. But this article might have you thinking huge Tarpon and Cobia every time you catch a nasty cat!
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[POLL] What Kind Of Fishing Tips Do You Want To See More Of On

Want more of the best saltwater fishing tips all in one place? Then take this super quick poll and let us know what kind of tips you want to see. Fish On!
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How To Sharpen Circle Hooks For Big Game Fish [VIDEO]

Want to make sure you never lose a big fish to a dull hook again? Then check out this video showing you the simple steps to sharpen any circle hook at home.
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3 Simple Ways To Bridle Rig Your Live Bait To Catch More Fish

Want to find out how you can rig a perfect hook on live bait to help catch more fish? Then check out these 3 simple videos on how to bridle rig live bait.
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Quick And Easy Way To Make Any Cell Phone Waterproof

Discover a quick and easy way to make your cell phone waterproof without having to buy an expensive case... costs about a quarter and fits all phones.
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The Benefits Of Taking Kid’s Fishing (w/ Saltwater Experience)

Check out this amazing video with Rich and Tom of Saltwater Experience, and find out the main benefits of taking your kids fishing. Fish On!
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Must Know Catch and Release Fishing Tips For Saltwater Anglers

Catch and release fishing is a common term, yet many anglers do not properly practice it. This page describes how to properly take care of our release fish.
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Blair Wiggins Lands 150lb Lemon Shark With Help of The FG Knot.

Check out Capt. Blair Wiggins catching his biggest Lemon Shark with the help of the most powerful braid to leader fishing knot...the FG Knot.
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How To Rig A WEEDLESS Gulp Shrimp [VIDEO]

Would you like to see exactly how to rig a weedless Gulp shrimp so you can most effectively fish heavy cover for reds, snook, and big trout. Watch this.
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How The FG Knot Helped Land This Tarpon On 10lb Test

You've got to hear how the FG Knot helped Luke Simonds land a 60lb Tarpon on 10lb test line in under 30 minutes out of Tampa this past weekend. Great story.
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Berkley Gulp Jerk Shad: Everything You Need To Know [REVIEW]

Gulp Jerk Shad baits have a huge fan base, but is the hype really justified? This article will show the pros and cons of these popular jerk baits.
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Cockroach Bay (May-15)

Had a fun day exploring the healthy grass flats near the very popular Cockroach Bay ramp. Ended up with trout, flounder, and snook.
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The Best Modified Uni Knot for Braid Line [Strength Test Results]

This brief article/video will show you the best Uni Knot for braid fishing line that we found after doing testing of 6 different styles of the Uni Knot... click to see the full results.
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How To Tie The Kreh Loop Knot [Contest Winner]

Finally, someone does an actual test on the strongest on the strongest leader to lure knot. Don't tie another hook or lure until you see this fishing knot.
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Flats Fishing Tip: Managing the Wind

Flats fishing in Florida can be an absolute blast if done correctly, but it can be incredibly frustrating when you're not properly managing the wind.
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