The Best Catch and Release Techniques (Backed by Science)

Want to know the truth about catch and release fishing? Then you've got to see this post where we reveal proper fish releasing techniques...
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How to Catch Fish in Murky Water [With Capt. C.A. Richardson]

See the lures C.A. Richardson loves to use when fishing in dark and murky water and what color lures he thinks every fishermen should have.
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How To Fish Docks For Redfish & Snook [3 Tips To Maximize Success]

Summertime is one of the best seasons for dock fishing. So I put this video together in order to show dock fishing tactics for the summer.
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SpoolTek Lure Review [Top Pros, Cons and Video]

Tony Acevedo offers his take on the SpoolTek Lure, how to use them, what fishing he likes them for and what the pros and cons of the lure are.
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Night Fishing Inlets with Flairhawk Jigs [Insider Report]

On this trip I decided to do some inlet fishing at night with big bucktail jigs for snook. Check out the full report!
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What to Know When Choosing Your First Fly Rod

Tony gives insiders an introduction to fly rods, how they work and what you need to know when shopping for your first fly fishing rod.
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5 Tips to Catch Big Fish from a Standup Paddleboard [With Bri Andrassy]

Want to catch loads of fish from a SUP? Then check out this new post where Bri Andrassy joins us to discuss standup paddleboard fishing, tips, and tricks.
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How to Freeline and Float Your Shrimp Like a Pro [With Captain Peter Deeks]

Capt. Peter Deeks goes over different ways he likes to rig shrimp on corks and freelined for natural presentations and what not to do when rigging shrimp.
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How to Vent Snapper, Grouper and Bottom Fish [With Capt. Dylan Hubbard]

Learn the proper way to vent fish when bottom fishing, common fish venting mistakes and what fish species need to be vented.
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The Perfect Tackle Setup for Permit Fishing [With Captain Peter Miller]

Peter Miller shows you how he sets up his rods for permit fishing on both wrecks and the flats and goes over the best bait to catch permit.
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How to Tie the Crazy Alberto Knot [Video & Step-by-Step]

Luke Simonds shows you how to tie the Crazy Alberto Knot with step-by-step pictures and a video tutorial using braided line and fluorocarbon leader.
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How to Get a Fish to Strike When You See Them [With Capt. C.A. Richardson]

See the tricks needed to sight fish for both reds and snook and how you need to change your tactics when targeting each species.
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Big Snook & Tarpon On Nearshore Reefs [Live Bait & Artificial Lure Success]

There are a ton of options for catching fish during the summer months. This report shows nearshore reef strategies for catching big snook & tarpon.
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Knot Strength Test Results: Berkley Vanish vs. Seaguar Blue Label

Want to see which fluoro line is better for stronger knots? We test the Berkley Vanish and Seaguar Blue Label lines to see which has the strongest knots.
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Catching Bass with Gulp Jerk Shads [Insider Report]

In this report I decided to stay close to home and fish for Bass using the same gear and tackle that I use for inshore fishing. Check out the full report!
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