Boomerang Line Cutting Tool Review: Top 3 Pros and Cons

Need a compact tool to quickly and easily cut line? The Boomerang Line Cutting Tool may be your best bet. Check out our video review of this tool.
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The Secret To Fishing Remote Areas Nobody Else Can Reach [Mothership Trip]

Want to fish where nobody else can? The secret is a mothership trip. Check out this video for how you can fish remote areas nobody else can reach.
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Pre-Front Fishing Live Shrimp and Artificials for Gator Trout and Reds [Insider Report]

In this report I discuss some tactics along with on the water footage of targeting big trout and reds using artificials and live shrimp in windy conditions.
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How To Catch Spanish Mackerel (Plus Free PDF Catch Card)

Want to catch more Spanish mackerel? Check out these tips for when, where an what to use to catch them, plus download this free PDF cheat sheet!
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The Best Type Of Rod & Reel For Inshore Fishing [Baitcasting Vs. Spinning Gear]

Trying to decide if you should use a baitcasting or spinning reel for inshore saltwater fishing? Check out this video where we break down the pros and cons.
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Topwater Fishing With Topwater Trev (45 Inch Snook, Favorite Tides & More)

Have you seen Topwater Trev on Instagram? Check out this week's podcast episode where we talk to him about how he got started, topwater fishing & more!
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11 Things You Need For A Successful Wade Fishing Trip (That All Fit Into A Small Pack)

Love wade fishing? Check out these 11 things things you need for a successful fishing trip that all fit into a small pack for you to take out on the water.
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Spot Dissection: Understanding Spring and Fall Transitional Zones [Homossassa, FL]

Do you want to know what to look for in the Spring and Fall to track down fish? In this Spot Dissection, I will be...
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The Secret To Rigging Z-Man Lures On Owner TwistLock Hooks

Having trouble rigging Z-Man lures on the Owner TwistLock hooks? I recently figured out the secret to getting them and keeping them on there.
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Producing Fish in Tough Windy Conditions [Insider Report]

At times the weather just doesn't cooperate and can make fishing super tough. This report will help you make the best of windy conditions!
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Kaku Kahuna Paddleboard Review [Top 3 Pros & Cons]

Looking to get a new paddleboard? Check out this video where I break down the top three pros and cons of the Kaku Kahuna.
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The Black Drum Formula: Pro Tactics for Targeting Black Drum on the Flats

Do you want to catch Black Drum this year? Then you've got to see this mini-mastery course we just put together. Enjoy!
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Why This Fishing YouTuber Ditched Medical School To Fish

Want to know how Viktor Hluden from Landshark Outdoors got to be so successful? Check out this interview where he tells his story and drops some great tips!
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The Best Wire To Leader Knot: Albright Special (With The Secret Hollywood Twist)

Targeting toothy fish like sharks or mackerel? You need to use a wire leader, so check out this video for the best knot for wire to mono or fluoro leader.
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How To Catch Flounder (Plus Free PDF Catch Card)

Want to catch more flounder? Check out this how-to, plus download your free catch card! You'll learn where to find flounder, the best type of baits and more
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